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County Administrator

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County Administrator

Wayne County is currently seeking a qualified proven professional to serve as its next County Administrator.  Wayne County is a rapidly growing County of 30,000 and located in Southeast Georgia with a combined budget of $29,654,228.



The Board of Commissioners, elected by the County’s citizens, serves as the governing body of the County. Wayne operates under the traditional Administrator-Board form of government with the governing body consisting of five (5) members selected by district to serve staggered terms. The Chair is elected annually by the Board and serves as the spokesperson for the Board during his or her term. The Board, in accordance with the legislative authority and responsibility provided by the General assembly, establishes goals and objectives for operation of the County; establishes priorities for County programs and services; establishes County legislative and administrative policies through the adoption of ordinances and resolution; reviews and adopts the annual budget; appropriates funds; and sets tax rates. In addition, the

Board appoints the County Administrator, County Attorney, and members of various boards and authorities, except for members of the School Board who are elected.


Wayne County employs 215 full-time staff and operates with a Fiscal Year 2023 combined operating budget of $29.6 million, which provides a full range of services to the County’s citizens. The budget is supported by a range of taxes, fees, and state and federal sources with the primary source of income coming from local real estate and personal property taxes.


The County Administrator is responsible for hiring and termination of all County employees and Department Heads with the exception of elected officials and the County Attorney.


The Position of County Administrator

The County Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners and directs and supervises the operations of all County departments and agencies, which are under the direct control of the Board of Commissioners.


The County Administrator also serves as the liaison between the Board and the Constitutional Officers, the Judiciary and State and regional agencies. The County Administrator provides administrative support to the Board and is responsible for preparing the County’s annual budget and for advising the Board as to the financial condition of the County.


The Administrator submits a monthly report concerning the administrative affairs of the County and other reports as required. The County Administrator is also responsible for the execution of all resolutions and orders of the Board, and the implementation of the Board’s directives. 


The Administrator will assist in preparation of the County’s strategic plan and implementation of the plan while ensuring the Board's service and partnership with the citizens is maintained.


The Administrator is also responsible for ensuring the timely submission of all mandated reports falling under the purview of the Board of Commissioners.


Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, political science, business administration or related field required; with a master’s degree in a related field preferred.


At least five (5) years of progressively responsible management experience as a Chief Executive/Manager or Deputy Chief Executive/Manager in a high performing, comparably sized, growing community, business or non-profit organization with a wide range of duties in operation and management is required. Experience of the individual must show high levels of performance in areas that include finance and budget, growth management, human resources, economic development and maintaining positive lines of communication at all levels.  (Will consider applicants with equivalent and related education/experience.)


Skills and Past Performance

Administrative ability. Must have demonstrated a high level of ability in ensuring administrative practices are well organized and up to date in a growing community or organization. Must be able to analyze systems and provide recommendations with an eye to the future to develop efficient and highly responsive operations for a variety of diverse functions. Must possess the ability to manage firmly, but fairly, and have the ability to make difficult recommendations and decisions in a timely fashion.


Board and intragovernmental relations. Demonstrated ability as a strong relationship builder with solid skills in working with groups such as the Board of Commissioners while managing the County’s relationships with its citizens and maintaining and growing relationships with the County’s Constitutional Officers, area City Government’s and School Board. Understands the Administrator’s relationship with the Board of Commissioners in managing the daily operations of the County.


Ability, interest and willingness to take time to work with the Board, Constitutional Officers, other elected officials, department heads, citizens and various advisory bodies to ensure that they are well informed and understand complex and technical issues is a desired ability. Should be willing to provide an acceptable level of detail and adequately inform the Board on a regular basis so that there are no surprises. Clear and concise written and oral communications with all audiences are essential.


Must be willing to challenge the Board and staff with new ideas and be able to accept constructive criticism and to implement needed changes. The successful candidate must be able to present all sides of an issue that affect the County to all parties in a clear, concise and unbiased manner. The individual should be able to participate in development of sound County policies and directives, interpret the County’s policies and carry out the intentions and directions of the Board of Commissioners with energy and enthusiasm.


Budget and finance. Should have significant experience in successfully managing an operating and capital budget of comparable size and complexity while achieving results in a business-like, conservative manner. Must have a broad view of activities and events external to the County, which could impact the County and its future financial condition. Must understand the various methods of maximizing resources, financing options and

ensuring a wise use of limited public resources while demonstrating the need for and value of long-range financial planning.  Must have a clear understanding and working knowledge of governmental accounting and chart of accounts.


Human resource management. Should possess solid, high-quality skills in managing all forms of relationships and a bright and engaged workforce; providing leadership to department heads but relying on the expertise of staff to carry out assigned functions. Provides the ‘big picture’ to staff while not micro-managing processes.


Must demonstrate a personality that can communicate the Board’s goals, needs and directives to employees in a manner, which allows for significant ‘buy-in’. Must be engaged with and able to lead and motivate County employees under his /her direction to a continuing level of high performance and demonstrate fairness in dealing with staff.


Community relations. Must be actively engaged and visible in the community and have the ability to understand the diverse and changing needs of various community and private sector groups in Wayne County. Candidate should be able to present a confident image of the local government to the community at large.


Intergovernmental relations. Familiarity with governmental structure and the ability to relate to, maintain and expand existing relationships with other local governments, regional organizations, the Wayne County Board of Education, and state and federal agencies.




Other Characteristics

  • Complete and absolute integrity; ensuring ethical, honest and personable interactions
  • A sincere commitment to public service and representative democracy
  • Strong financial management skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Strategic outlook while paying attention to the details of day-to-day operations
  • A commitment to customer service, continuous improvement, and excellence
  • Diplomatic and decisive leadership, combining intelligence and common sense with vision, initiative and courage
  • A positive, “can-do” attitude that provides an example to others
  • Comfort with an understanding of the role of technology in effective and efficient service delivery
  • Ability to work effectively in a diverse and frequently ambiguous environment
  • The skills to promote effective team building and consensus on vision goals and objectives


Compensation and Benefits

The salary for the position is negotiable, based upon candidate’s qualifications and experience. Benefits include, but are not limited to participation in the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia 457(b) and 401(a) plans, senior executive retirement plan, automobile allowance, mobile telephone allowance, vacation and sick leave, group life insurance, medical insurance, professional dues and conference expenses. Moving and relocation expenses may be negotiated with the County. County residency is preferred within a reasonable time of appointment to the position.


Application and Selection Process

The deadline for résumés is close of business Tuesday, February 21, 2023.  Following the filing date, résumés will be screened by the current Acting County Administrator/County Clerk, and the Chairman of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners based on the criteria established by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners. After a process, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners will conduct interviews and reference checks for those candidates who are determined to be best suited for the position.  Finalists should be interviewed in Wayne County during the month of March 2023. 


To be considered, please mail or email a cover letter, complete resume (including current salary), and a list of five professional references to the email and address below.  If you mail your application, please mark the outside of the envelope with “County Administrator”.


Mail:                                                                Email:

Amanda Hannah                                            Amanda Hannah

Acting County Administrator                           Acting County Administrator

P.O. Box 270                                        

Jesup, GA 31598



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