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Crime Victims Compensation Specialist

Bartow County Government

Posted: Mar. 9, 2018

End Date: Mar. 16, 2018

Crime Victims Compensation Specialist
VOCA Grant Position
Salary:  $15.52/Hour
Posting:  March 9, 2018 through March 16, 2018
Submit resume to Bartow County HR via email to cogginsm@bartowga.org or via mail to Bartow County Human Resources, 135 West Cherokee Avenue, St. 256, Cartersville, Ga.  30120
Job Summary:
The primary focus of the Crime Victims’ Compensation Advocate will be to serve as a liaison within a circuit between victims, victim advocates, entities that provide victim services or interact with victims, and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (CJCC) Crime Victims’ Compensation Program (CVCP) to ensure the utilization of the CVCP and funding available to qualifying victims by providing:
  • Awareness within the community concerning the program
  • Assistance and Advocacy with applications and required documentation
  • Information to CJCC’s CVCP when requested
  • Training for appropriate advocates, agencies and service providers
Primary Duties:
Provide Awareness within the community concerning the CVCP:
  • Assist CJCC in the distribution of information concerning the CVCP to the community focusing on local counseling and mental health facilities, domestic violence and sexual assault service providers, funeral homes, and medical/dental offices.
  • Develop relationships with other agencies such as DFCS, courts (including solicitors-general offices), law enforcement, and other victim service providers or entities that interact with victims within the community to promote a broader awareness of the CVCP to the public and victims of crime with a goal of increasing the number of compensation applications submitted.
  • Develop resource lists within Judicial Circuits.
Provide Assistance and Advocacy to crime victims and other victim advocates with application submission & follow-up:
  • Serve as the primary compensation advocate for entire Judicial Circuit.
  • Understand the qualifiers for CVC eligibility (e.g. location of crime, time limitations and proper report to qualifying authority, crime type, expense type requirements).
  • Ensure all applications are submitted via the VICS public portal including required police or investigative report, warrant, and/or indictment.
  • Monitor all incomplete applications via VICS public portal, assist with getting requested information and documentation.
  • Seek required and complete documentation with and for victims as needed including follow-up calls or written requests, explanations to employers, medical and dental providers, counselors, and funeral homes to ensure the CVCP is understood and to advocate on behalf of the crime victim seeking CVC.
  • Follow up with victims at the request of CVCP staff prior to application denial and pursue appeals of denials of CVC coverage when appropriate.
  • Inform/assist advocates and victims with applications and referrals to CVCP services such as counseling for all immediate family members of homicide and the DUI Memorial Sign Program.
  • Assist victims in cases where offender is unknown or has not yet been arrested.
Provide Information to CJCC’s CVCP when requested:
  • Assist CJCC with obtaining and/or processing documentation requested such as law enforcement and DA questionnaires, itemized bills, restitution requests from CJCC once CVCP has paid out on claims.
  • Work continuously as liaison between CJCC’s CVCP, prosecutors’ offices, and other agencies to further ensure the availability of CVC to eligible victims of crime.
  • Provide periodic reviews of Unclaimed Restitution database for known restitution orders older than 5 years.
Obtain and provide Training to community agencies and services providers:
  • Attend advanced training as required by CJCC.
  • Coordinate and/or provide training regarding all CVC Programs such as Victims’ Compensation, Officers Initiative, DUI Memorial Signs, Unclaimed Restitution, Forensic Interview and Forensic Medical Exams Programs.
Perform the following Victim Advocate duties as assigned.
  • Provides ongoing communication and information regarding the status of cases, bond hearings, grand jury decisions, dispositions, etc.
  • Creates and maintains files pertaining to assigned cases; documents case activity in the case management system; scans and attaches files.
  • Assists victims and families in understanding the criminal justice system and their rights.
  • Answers telephone and greets visitors; provides information and assistance.
  • Provides assistance with information; application and documentation related to restitution to ensure that it is part of every applicable sentence; prepares recapitulations for prosecutors prior to court proceedings.
  • Escorts victims to court and related hearings; represents victims in court in their absence.
  • Serves as a liaison between victims, investigators, prosecutors and court personnel; assists victims with dismissal requests; forwards t prosecutor for review in corresponding cases. 
  • Assists investigators and prosecutors with gathering specific information; documents findings in family violence and civilian cases.
  • Provides referrals and coordinates services with community agencies.
  • Sets victim and witness appointments for prosecutor.
  • Provides assistance with the preparation of victim impact statements and the presentation of statements in court; coordinates victim notifications with the Board of Pardons and Paroles upon disposal of case.
  • Assists in training new employees, volunteers and interns.
  •  Serves on community victim advocacy committees and represents the office on various crime service bodies.
  • Performs related duties