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Police Officer

Centerville, Centerville Police Department

Posted: Apr. 18, 2018

End Date: Jul. 31, 2019

The Centerville Police Department wishes to immediately hire qualified candidates for open patrol officer positions. We are accepting applications from Georgia P.O.S.T Certified peace officers and persons who are wishing to be sent to the Basic Mandate Academy. Interested candidates must obtain an application from Centerville City Hall and complete the application process prior to hiring. Qualified candidates will be invited to complete interviews and testing dates. Interview process includes the following steps:
  1. Application
  2. Background Investigation
  3. Initial interview
  4. Law Enforcement Aptitude Test
  5. Formal Interview
  6. Polygraph
  7. Medical and Physical Evaluation
  8. Offer Interview
The Centerville Police Department offers a comprehensive benefits package that is competitive with other agencies in this area. A detailed description of the benefits package can be viewed below.
Pay                                                                                             Patrol Officer
                                                                                                 $13.68 - $22.41 hour
                                                                                          $28,454.40 – 46,612.80
Health Insurance- BCBS
                                                                              Annual                                          Annual
                                                                          Employee Cost                               City Cost
Employee                                                                  -0-                                              $6,100
Employee/Spouse                                                  $2,405                                           $9,700  
Employee/Child                                                     $2,170                                           $9,400          Family Coverage                                                    $4,814                                          $13,350
Dental Insurance- Paid 100% by Employee
Employee                                                                   300                                                -0-Family                                                                        912                                                -0-
Aflac –Supplemental Insurance (vision, cancer, Life, long term disability, supplemental hospital) – Paid 100% by Employee
The City through GMEBS (Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System) provides to all permanent full-time general and public safety
Employees a defined benefit pension plan. The plan provides retirement, disability and death benefits to vested employees (5 years) and their beneficiaries.  Retirement benefits are calculated at 1.5 percent of the employee’s final 5-year salary times the employee’s years of service.
The plan is fully funded by the City.
State of Georgia Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund
The City pays for full time police officers employed a year or more the application fee ($25) and monthly dues of $20 to be a member and participate in the State of Georgia Peace Officers’ Annuity and Benefit Fund.
Deferred Compensation
The City provides a 457(b) Deferred Compensation supplemental retirement plan that allows employees to contribute a percentage of their salary on a pretax basis. This is fully funded by employee with no match from the City.
Sick Leave
Regular employees earn 4 hours sick leave per every biweekly pay period and public safety employees earn 4.2 hours sick leave per every biweekly pay period.
Vacation Leave
Regular employees earn 2 to 6.25 hours vacation per every biweekly pay period and public safety employees earn 2 to 6.625 hours vacation time per every biweekly pay period.
Hours earned increases with time of service.
Take Home Vehicle
Each individual officer will be assigned a take home vehicle after the completion of the field training process. The officer must live within an adjacent county to Houston County in order to qualify for the take home privilege.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you at you interview.
Chief Chuck Hadden