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Hall County Fire Service

Posted: May. 10, 2018

End Date: Jul. 15, 2018

Provides training activities for fire department and EMS personnel with the primary focus of duties being EMS related. This position is responsible for producing and administering up-to-date training materials on a day-to-day basis. Some requirements are management, supervision, performing and supporting all firefighting and emergency medical training duties in the Fire Services. Personnel will coordinate training schedules through the Planning and Training Chief and the appropriate operational officers. The position will assist in maintaining records and training certifications that personnel acquire while employed at Hall County Fire Services. This position requires the knowledge and ability to deliver instruction in a timely manner and effectively from a prepared lesson plan.  Have the ability to utilize instructional aides and evaluation instruments that pertain to course subject matter and promotional needs. Will be able to adapt lesson plans to the unique requirements of the students and authority having jurisdiction, organize the learning environment so that learning is maximized, and meet the record-keeping requirements of authority having jurisdiction.