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Watershed Director II

Watershed Director II

Posted: Jun. 4, 2018

End Date: Sep. 5, 2018

Posting expires: 06/05/18

Salary range: Commensurate with experience

General Description and Classification Standards

Responsible for the overall administration and management of the City's Watershed, including program implementation, fundraising/grant writing, and business operations. Areas of responsibility include planning and evaluation, policy and program development, personnel and fiscal management, and public relations. This is the highest level of strategic and/or operations management reporting to a top department executive or a department deputy. Position manages a primary function of the department and recommends high level policy and procedure subject to department, mayoral, and/or Council approval. This level would be expected to manage either a varied array of professionals and manager or a group of professionals in a City-wide administrative or operations function. This is NOT a routine promotional level and the specific justification for classification at this level must be documented.

Supervision Received

May work independently or as part of a team of managers that meet to discuss issues related to budgets, staff, policy, and operations. Direction received is very general and focuses on strategic objectives and is typically collaborative in nature. This is a policy-making level of management and would be considered "upper middle" management.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities These are typical responsibilities for this position and should not be construed as exclusive or all inclusive. May perform other duties as assigned.

  • Provides direct management responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the following functional areas; Revenue Forecasting, Budgeting (Operations and Capital), Cash Flow Management, Inter-jurisdictional Billing, Monthly Budget-to-Actual Reporting, General Accounting Operations, Fixed Asset Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Cash Collections. 
  • Manages the invoicing for the bureau of operations which includes invoicing for formal contracts, goods and services, and utilities and inter-jurisdictional expenses. Approves payroll for the distribution groups.
  • Develops policy and write rules, regulations, and ordinances for environmental protection and land development in the City of Atlanta; interfaces with the Mayor's office, City Council, and other departments for policy and technical issues; Resolves technical issues and make final determination regarding the application of Federal, State, and local requirements for land development.   
  • Manages the operation of Watershed Information Systems which provides IT and GIS support for the Department of Watershed Management. Areas of responsibility includes providing application, desktop, network and geographic information system (GIS) support. Oversees and manages the operation of Watershed Information Systems.   
  • Ensures both, the short-term and long-term financial health and viability of the Department; provides assurance related to the delivery of financial-related information to internal management, City Council, Bond Rating Agencies, and the department's bondholders; provides financial leadership and oversight of the department's annual financial audit.
  • Ensures the City is in compliance with all state, federal, local & regional policies, laws and regulations pertaining to water conservation. Develops and maintains the City's Conservation Plan.   
  • Provides positive leadership, working harmoniously with others in the Department and other organizations, and ensuring that the day-to-day activities.
  • Manages the Site Development Division including producing the budget, managing the staff, and overseeing technical and engineering processes.
  • Ensures the bureau of operations has all the necessary resources required to successfully complete job assignments in financial, human and administrative related areas which enables the City to fulfill it's mission to deliver potable water and to manage waste water services for its customers 365 days a year.
  • Directs and prepares the annual budget submission and detailed financial plan; duties include budget formulation and execution, approving all budget adjustments and budget transfers Department-wide, developing the plan assumptions, and ensuring that the annual budget is in sync with the strategic financial plan.
  • Manages the operation of Watershed Information Systems which provides IT and GIS support for the Department of Watershed Management. Areas of responsibility includes providing application, desktop, network and geographic information system (GIS) support.
  • Provides leadership and direction to group managers and oversee project goals. Develops project strategies, implementation plan, project scope and milestones.

Decision Making

This position is generally required to provide input regarding decisions that impact any area within the watershed's divisions and offices. Such issues may be related to policy/procedure, strategy, budget, and/or technical. May commit department to action. Establishes organization strategy and policy within required legislative or executive limitations.

Leadership Provided

Provides guidance to a varied group of Managers and Supervisors or may directly supervise a staff of professionals and team leaders engaged in an organization-wide or policy-advisory activity. Guidance should typically be general in nature and focus on objectives, end results, and policies.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities This is a partial listing of necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job successfully. It is not an exhaustive list.

  • Extensive knowledge of technical terminology; extensive knowledge of construction projects, administrative activities or field operations; knowledge of engineering, water and sewage, procurement, hydraulics, and geotechnical processes and terminology; knowledge of legal requirements of water conservation laws & ordinances; thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of water resource management and watershed science; knowledge of grant writing and grant management.
  • Strong Computer and Software (Microsoft) Skills; very strong administrative  and managerial skills; inter-personal and team working skills; skilled in communicating verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to be decisive; ability to develop relationships and partnerships; ability to write clear and concise technical documents; ability to read, understand, and prepare legal documents; ability to operate city vehicles: sedan, 14-passenger van, and pick up truck; ability to effectively negotiate resolution of conflicts among citizens, neighbors, elected official, and staff, as well as efficiently manage a government office open to the public; ability to interact effectively with various personality styles and with upper departmental management or elected   officials; ability to read and interpret construction drawings; ability to interpret laws, regulations and guidelines; ability to utilize Microsoft office suite and project management programs.

Minimum Qualifications – Education and Experience

  • Master's degree in Business, Management or Public Administration.
  • 10 years' of experience in environmental engineering, municipal government sector, or water / wastewater plant operations
    • 5 years' of experience as a manager, supervisor, team leader, etc.
  • Equivalent professional experience may be considered for substitution for the master’s degree on an exception basis

Licensures and Certifications

  • None required.
  • P.E. License preferred.

Essential Capabilities and Work Environment Required physical, lifting, and sensory capabilities are requirements to perform the job successfully. Typical environmental conditions associated with job.