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CDL Truck Driver Equipment Operator/Landfill

Newton County Board of Commissioners

Posted: Jun. 11, 2018

End Date: Jun. 25, 2018


Performs work involving operating heavy duty tandem dump truck, garbage truck, tar distributor, or lowboy, tractor-trailer truck. Repairs and maintains roads, fields and rights-of-way. Drives truck delivering materials and equipment to job site. Empties garbage compactor and transfers garbage and trash to landfill. 

Operates heavy duty tandem dump truck to deliver gravel and rock or dirt as needed to maintain roads or recreational facilities; spreads gravel, observes distribution of rock or gravel and assures even distribution; hauls trash or debris as needed in preparation of roadbeds.  Operates low-boy tractor trailer truck to transport a variety of construction equipment to job sites as required.  Operates tar distributor; observes distribution of tar, moderating speed as necessary to assure even distribution; heats tar to proper temperature and maintains temperature.  Operates service truck that carries roller equipment for road repairs.  Operates tandem garbage truck to empty garbage compactor and transfer garbage and trash to landfill;  assures that garbage and trash are properly compacted and that the area is kept clean.  Performs routine maintenance on equipment such as fueling, checking oil and fluid levels, checking tire pressure, and checking belts; keeps equipment clean; keeps vehicles stocked with appropriate materials and supplies.

Performs other related duties as assigned.