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Chief of Police

City of Lithonia

Posted: Aug. 7, 2018

End Date: Aug. 31, 2018

General nature of work
Performs highly responsible administrative, supervisory and technical work in directing the activities of the City of Lithonia Police Department.
The position involves an integral administrative position with responsibility for the protection of lives and property and the maintenance of law and order through the supervision of all police functions. The Police Chief is responsible for the efficient operation of the Police Department through control of its activities in taking measures to prevent crime and protect lives and property. Duties include the procurement, assignment, supervision, and discipline of all department employees. The Chief consults with the City Administrator and/or Mayor in finalizing plans and policies to be observed in the conduct of police operation and in carrying out day-to-day activities. Work is reviewed through the discussions of problems with the City Administrator and through periodic reports and summarizations.
Supervisory responsibility
Planning, organizing, training, and the supervision of the entire Police Department.
Working conditions
Primarily indoor office environments, although incumbent is subject to hazardous conditions which could result in serious injury or death and physical exertion such as running, lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, etc. and to inclement weather conditions.
Public contact
Extensive contact with other employees, general public, and governmental officials, often involving problem solving circumstances. In addition, this position may require considerable public speaking and interaction with various members of the news media.
Physical demands
This position requires good vision and hearing. Must be able to sit and drive for extended periods of time, and must be able to immediately respond to all police situations.
Essential Job Functions:
The following job functions are only descriptive of the position and are not intended to be an exhaustive listing of responsibilities:
Plans, directs and manages the operations of the police department, coordinates activities though discussions with subordinate officers; reviews departmental written reports and complaints.
In consultation with the City Administrator and with assistance of subordinate officers, formulates and develops long-term policies and regulations for improving police operations and attaining more effective enforcement of laws and ordinances.
Supervises or initiates the procurement, training and discipline of law enforcement personnel; assigns and transfers law enforcement personnel.
Responsible for preparation of preliminary annual budget for Police Department.
Cooperates with the City Clerk in investigating, processing, and collecting of delinquent taxes and licenses.
Prepares the departmental operating budget; presents budget to City Administrator, substantiating requests.
Makes reports on departmental activities as requested.
Reviews complaints of citizens' groups and other organizations; develops good public relations and promotes crime prevention programs, makes public appearances and presentations for civic groups.
Attends City council meetings and answers inquiries when necessary.
Develops and implements administrative policies designed to maintain or increase the general efficiency and effectiveness of the police department; explains to subordinate patrol officers and other employees their connection with other City departments.
Cooperates with State, Federal and County officers in the apprehension and detention of wanted persons.
Performs related work as required.

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