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City Engineer

City of Statesboro

Posted: Sep. 6, 2018

End Date: Oct. 7, 2018

City Engineer

Job Status: Full-Time
Rate of Pay: $66,916.85 - $81,000
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Job Summary

The City Engineer is responsible for planning, coordinating and directing the work of the Engineering Division, Stormwater Division, Streets Division, Protective Inspections Division, Parks Division, and Government Buildings Division and for providing technical engineering services to other city departments.

Essential Job Functions

  • Trains, supervises, motivates and evaluates the work of personnel in assigned divisions, resolves employee grievances, and conducts staff meetings;
  • Directs the operations, employees, programs, projects, work and activities of assigned divisions;
  • Assists in the direction of operations, employees, programs, projects and activities of the department;
  • Performs the duties of the Director of Public Works and Engineering in his/her absence;
  • Prepares the annual budget for the Engineering Division, Stormwater Division, Streets Division, Protective Inspection Division, Parks Division, and Government Buildings Division;
  • Monitors related expenditures;
  • Prepares the Capital Improvement Program for the Engineering Division, Stormwater Division, Streets Division, Protective Inspection Division, Parks Division, and Government Buildings Division;
  • Monitors related expenditures;
  • Plans, directs, manages, and supervises construction and improvement projects, including the design and development of municipal infrastructure and facilities projects;
  • Performs long-range planning;
  • Reviews subdivision and site construction plans for proposed construction and improvement projects to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances;
  • Interprets codes and ordinances as requested;
  • Exercises purchasing authority up to $20,000 without approval from supervisor;
  • Administers building codes, subdivision regulations, and city ordinances, including but not limited to: Stormwater Utility, Drainage Control, Flood Damage Prevention, Soil Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control, and Urban Forest Beautification and Conservation;
  • Oversees the issuance of related permits;
  • Serves as the city traffic engineer by evaluating traffic flow patterns, traffic control devices and timing, street signage, pavement markings;
  • Plans and performs improvements as necessary;
  • Oversees the maintenance and repair of all city traffic signals and related equipment and related contracts;
  • Provides technical guidance and makes recommendations regarding construction and improvement projects to other city departments;
  • Administers the design of road and drainage projects;
  • Performs construction cost estimates and recommends bidder for award to City Council;
  • Administers project contracts, including preparation of contract documents, obtaining right of way and easements prior to start of construction, conducting a pre-construction meeting with contractors, inspectors, and utility personnel to discuss the project, and coordination and oversight of inspection staff;
  • Prepares grant applications;
  • Manages or Administers state and federal grants;
  • Prepares and maintains records and maps of the city, including Eastside Cemetery, city limit boundaries, rights-of-way and stormwater infrastructure;
  • Prepares and maintains required environmental reports;
  • Responds to inquiries and complaints from citizens, interest groups, design professionals, elected officials, city management and other city departments;
  • Serves as technical advisor and governmental liaison to the Airport Committee;
  • Serves as first responder to State Department of Transportation traffic signal malfunctions;
  • Serves as a member of the City’s Emergency Response Team; and
  •  Performs other assigned duties.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or a closely related field;
  • Seven (7) years of experience in a related field;
  • Or equivalent training, education, and/or experience;
  • Valid State of Georgia Driver’s License; and
  • Professional Engineer certification required.