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Front Office Assistant


Posted: Sep. 12, 2018

End Date: Sep. 25, 2018

POSITION: FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT (Part-Time: 48 hours per pay period, 24 hours per week)
The primary responsibility of this position is to provide customer service in the area of reception and administrative support to staff, visitors and callers with direct responsibility for receiving incoming calls to determine nature of business and direct callers and/or visitors to the appropriate department. This position is also responsible for assisting staff, visitors and vendors with miscellaneous administrative requests.
This is a part-time position: 48 hours per pay period, 24 hours per week.  No benefits are paid with this position. Court days are mandatory and are always on a Thursday and Friday.  Must be flexible to accommodate vacations of full-time employees.
  1. Phone and in-person initial customer contact/support.
  1. Provide basic information/assistance with City Hall and court functions.
  2. Refer customers to the appropriate department when unable to provide an answer upon request by customer.
  1. Process payments.
  1. Court fines and fees.
  2. Property and sanitation taxes.
  3. Permit fees.
  4. Business license fees.
  5. Other fees, as needed.
  1. Begin the initial phase of permitting process.
  1. Provide the appropriate application for the job being done.
  2. Obtain the appropriate documentation, when needed.
  1. State license.
  2. Local business license.
  1. Check application for completeness.
  1. Appropriate sections are completed.
  2. Contact person and phone number are provided.
  1. Give application to the appropriate department.
  1. Basic clerical duties.
  1. Filing and copying.
  2. Binding reports.
  3. Faxing/Emailing requested information.
  4. Data entry.
  5. Maintain office calendar.
  1. Community Center.
  1. Application processing.
  2. Scheduling/Calendar.
  3. Check applications for completeness.
  4. Answer questions regarding equipment, rules, fees, scheduling, etc.
  1. Quarterly Newsletter.
  1. Collect information from department heads and elected officials.
  2. Compile the collected information into newsletter format
  3. Have newsletter proofread and make any necessary corrections
  4. Emails completed newsletter to designated vendor for printing and distribution.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Strong interpersonal skills including patience, tack and courtesy
  • Professional appearance
  • Strong organizational skills, including attention to details
  • Strong written communication skills, including editing and proofreading skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Computer skills including word processing and spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • 2 years customer service experience (preferred government environment)
High School diploma or GED (some college preferred)