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Assistant Director of Public Works

City of Union City

Posted: Sep. 19, 2018

End Date: Nov. 19, 2018

  • To support the vision, mission and guiding principles of the City.
  • While performing any procedure, all associates and contract personnel must observe applicable Safety, Health, and Environmental rules and guidelines. The use of appropriate personal protective equipment is required.
  • Attend and participate in training opportunities and seminars relevant to this position.
  • Adhere to appropriate City operating procedures, benefit rules, employment, and safety policies/practices
  • Assist the Director with strategizing, planning, organizing, reviewing, designing, and evaluating of the overall operations and development of the department including: administration, construction, renovation, replacement, preventive maintenance, and repair of new and existing roads, bridges, facilities, parks, water systems, wastewater systems, stormwater systems, and other infrastructure and equipment;
  • Assist in the development and implementation of Public Services Depart­ment goals, objectives, policies and priorities for each assigned service area;  Evaluate Public Services needs and formulate short and long term plans to meet needs in all areas of responsibility;
  • Provide management, administration, organizational leadership, and team building; plan, assign, supervise, train and evaluate the work of professional, technical and administrative support staff; assign duties and plan work of others; delegate authority and responsibility, and schedule program work on a long-term basis; establish standards and priorities and ensure they are maintained by others;  approve selection of new employees, employee transfer/promotion, discipline, termination, performance evaluations, and personnel actions;
  • Assist in the directing, planning, and evaluating capital projects;
  • Monitor and oversee department operations to assure that services delivered are of high standard and in compliance with statutory applicable laws, rules, codes,  regulations, and applicable standards established by federal, state, and local laws; Assist in the study and standardization of departmental policies and procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations;
  • Establish and maintain effective public relations in a complex environment involving technical and non-technical personnel; respond to inquiries from internal and external customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the professional community; respond to, analyze and resolve difficult inquiries or complaints;
  • Prepare composite reports from individual reports of subordinates;
  • Represent the department to the City Council and City Manager and make presentations and recommendations as directed by the Director; manage presentations to city, state and municipal officials, citizen groups and other policy-making entities regarding current and future development, planning, designing, construction, maintenance, or operation of city roads, services and facilities as it relates to the Public Services Department;
  • Assist the Director in preparing and documenting budget requests; administer adopted budget in assigned area of responsibility;
  • Determine applicable codes, regulations, and requirements for assigned projects;
  • Oversee the preparation of engineering plans and specifications, bidding, competency of contractors and vendors, and the selection criteria for public contracts administered or managed by the Public Services Department;
  • Oversee project management for the construction of assigned Public Services projects; Oversee assigned projects to ensure contractor compliance with scope, schedule, and budget;
  • Coordinate the preparation of reviews and updates to street maps (GIS), storm drainage maps, databases, and comprehensive plans as it applies to the Public Services Department;
  • Monitor inter-governmental actions affecting Public Services;
  • Any other duties as assigned.