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Fire Safety Inspector/Educator

City of Union City

Posted: Sep. 19, 2018

End Date: Oct. 15, 2018

  • To support the vision, mission and guiding principles of the City of Union City.
  • While performing any procedure, all associates and contract personnel must observe applicable Safety, Health, and Environmental rules and guidelines. The use of appropriate personal protective equipment is required.
  • Attend and participate in training opportunities and seminars relevant to this position.
  • Adhere to appropriate City operating procedures, benefit rules, employment, and safety policies/practices.
  • Teach public fire education programs for schools as assigned.  Teach classes on fire safety and prevention to the general public as assigned.
  • Responsible for performing community risk analysis and developing fire safety programs to address risks that were discovered.
  • Attend city and fire department events as required to present fire safety and life safety programs to those in attendance.
  • Inspection of general commercial for fire hazards, efficiency of fire detection/protection equipment, adequacy of fire exits, and general compliance with fire prevention codes, laws, and regulations to include:
    • Public assemblies
    • Business
    • Mercantile
    • Day cares
    • Educational
    • Healthcare
    • Detention/correctional
    • Lodging/rooming houses
    • Hotels/motels
    • Apartment buildings
    • Residential board/care facilities
  • Industrial and storage buildings, etc. Review construction drawings, sprinkler systems drawings, fire alarm system drawings, commercial hood vent system drawings using Life Safety Code, International Building Codes, National Fire Prevention Codes, Standard Fire Prevention Codes, and City Ordinances and other materials to determine code compliance.
  • Attend preconstruction meetings with architects, engineers, owners, contractors, and developers to review plans and insure compliance with applicable codes and standards.
  • Advise and instruct owners and occupants of buildings in fire prevention methods and in the removal of fire hazards, and make recommendations for reducing potential hazards.
  • Complete field inspections to review for code compliance or alternative of compliance.  This includes an evaluation of construction, occupancy, fire protection, exposure, and emergency planning.
  • Research technical reference material in order to answer questions from architects, building contractors, business owners, etc. regarding building construction, fire protection systems, handling and storage of hazardous materials, and a variety of other fire/life safety matters.
  • Assist in establishing procedures and guidelines for the systematic investigation and analysis of fire/explosion incidents.  Secure the fire scene for the security of personnel and the safety of the general public, collect and preserves evidence.
  • Conduct interrogations, death investigations, surveillance of suspects, and financial investigations and file reports.
  • Prepare cases for prosecution of arson in federal, state, and civil courts.
  • Receive document, and act on complaints from the general public on matters concerning fire/life safety.
  • Assist with long-term and short-term planning as necessary.
  • Any other duties such as but not limited to a number of miscellaneous activities which include attending meetings, performing special functions, preparing input in all areas of department operations as assigned by the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal.