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Land Bank Administrator

City of Savannah

Posted: Oct. 17, 2018

End Date: Nov. 17, 2018

Salary - $61,588


This position is responsible for working with the Chatham County / City of Savannah Land Bank Authority (LBA) Board of Directors, the City of Savannah, Chatham County, non-profit housing organizations and others to bring about the acquisition, title clearing and redevelopment of tax delinquent, blighted, vacant and/or abandoned property into affordable and workforce housing that, when feasible, also helps revitalize neighborhoods, improves quality of life, increases property tax revenue, and helps reduce the cost of government services associated with blighted and abandoned property. 

Essential Job Functions

Assist with development and implementation of property acquisition strategies for housing and, when feasible, neighborhood revitalization initiatives.

Research and evaluate property acquisition and development opportunities, zoning, land use patterns, property ownership, property values, property tax payment status, property maintenance code violation history, special assessments, liens, title conditions, and crime history related to specific properties and/or neighborhoods or portions of neighborhoods.

Negotiate the sale or transfer of blighted, vacant and/or abandoned property to the Chatham County / City of Savannah Land Bank Authority (LBA), non-profit organizations, authorities and/or other entities or individuals.

Petition Chatham County on behalf of the LBA and other entities to initiate In Rem foreclosure proceedings against certain tax delinquent properties.

Acquire interests in certain blighted, vacant and/or abandoned property as part of In Rem foreclosures and Sheriff and Marshall deed delinquent property tax sales.

Assist attorneys with the process of clearing cloudy property titles, filing bar of redemptions and undertaking quiet title actions.

Assemble, bank, insure and maintain property for future housing development and, when feasible, related neighborhood revitalization initiatives.

Develop and manage an ongoing property inspection and maintenance plan for the properties owned by the LBA.

Market, sell, lease and/or otherwise transfer property to non-profits, authorities, developers and others for housing development and, when feasible, related neighborhood revitalization initiatives.

Evaluate plans, budgets, finances, proformas, and timetables proposed for the development of new housing or renovation of existing housing on property owned by the LBA.

Attend public meetings, make public presentations and respond to issues and complaints related to the LBA and to properties it owns or that it has acquired an interest in at a tax sale.

Coordinate LBA Board meetings; make presentations; receive, process and analyze all petitions received by the LBA; determine compliance of petitions with LBA guidelines; prepare petitions and resolutions for presentation to the Board. 

Review, interpret and propose policies and guidelines to LBA Board.

Develop, present and maintain all LBA manuals, minutes, documents, reports, etc. 

Uphold all State and local laws, ordinances and regulations related to the LBA. 

Develop and implement LBA budget including raising revenue through the sale of property, provision of services and other means necessary to help sustain and grow the Land Bank Authority.

Perform other duties as assigned. 

Minimum Qualifications

Master's Degree in Business/Public Administration, Real Estate Law, or Urban Planning/Development; with three years of real estate sales, development or appraisal experience to include a minimum of six months working with Geographic Information or Arc View computer systems; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. Must possess a valid driver's license. Real estate paralegal experience preferred.