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Accounting Manager

City of Dunwoody

Posted: Oct. 25, 2018

End Date: Nov. 25, 2018

Our team is currently looking for a new Accounting Manager ($90k-$110k DOQ).  We seek a highly motivated, independent, self-starter that possesses excellent skills in problem solving, process improvement, and an ability to think strategically using data, research, and best practices. The selected candidate will be a team player and have a record of success based on collaboration and customer service. Candidates must exhibit strengths in both written and oral communication, possess an ability to listen, be open to new ideas, and use good judgement in making timely, quality decisions. Working effectively with a variety of employees at all levels of the organization is essential. The ideal candidate will be collaborative with a demonstrated knowledge and capability to assess a variety of financial and service operations, financial policies, and overall best practices for all facets of local government operations. To be selected a candidate must possess unquestioned personal and professional ethics, conduct their work with humility, and work in accordance with the highest standards. 
About the Finance Department …
  1. We have leadership at the top that have positively shaped our City’s culture.
  2. We encourage and support change, creativity and innovation.
  3. We come to work with a sense of enthusiasm and purpose.
  4. We strive for excellence constantly in everything we do.
  5. We use our individual strengths to improve the organization; not our personal ambitions.
  6. We hire and recruit people that match our City’s culture and character.
  7. We don’t ignore other government’s successes but rather look to have we can use and improve upon those successes; all the time not ignoring our individuality.
  8. We utilize technology to stay efficient and to get ahead.
  9. We strive to set the example of how to do “it” better; whatever “it” may be.
  10. We maintain a commitment to education, employee development, and learning best practices.
  11. We … are “we.”  One team, one goal, no silos and inter-departmental struggles.
  12. We place service to others over self-preservation.
  13. We recognize no person it too important or not important.
  14. We ensure each person is equipped with the tools, resources and training to succeed.
  15. We treat others with respect.
Prior local governmental accounting experience is a must (can be with a government or audit firm of local governments).  CPA highly recommended.