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Police Captain

City of Lithonia

Posted: Nov. 6, 2018

End Date: Nov. 21, 2018

Position Description
Under the direction of the Chief, the person is responsible for a variety of administrative, technical, and supervisory work assigned by the Chief of Police. In the absence of the Chief, the person may be asked to be in command of the department. Work assignments are received orally and in writing. Work is performed with considerable independence within established policies, procedures, and guidelines received. Performs other work as required.
Oversees assignment of employees, inspects performance, assists with problems, provides technical direction, informally resolves personnel problems, provides training as needed, and reviews reports and other administrative activities.

Responsible for establishment and maintenances of goals, objectives, and action plans as pertains to the mission of the department.

Prepares a variety of status and information reports about department activities. Briefs others on important policy and administrative decisions.

Conducts planning meetings and holds briefings with other supervisory personnel.

Assures that all city and department policies and procedures, state and federal agreements, and public records laws are followed.

Works with criminal justice organizations to ensure rapid and effective law enforcement.

Reviews reports and other data to prepare departmental briefs, evaluates adequacy of law enforcement measures, and plans long and short range activities as it relates to the division assigned. Reallocates resources as needed and alerts the Chief of Police to special problems.

Performs a variety of police activities; assists, coordinates and oversees the training with outside agencies to cover significant areas of training. Invites other agencies for cross training purposes.

Orders uniforms, weapons, ammunition, and law enforcement related equipment and materials. Oversees the maintenance of uniforms and equipment.

Responds to major accidents, crime, or fire scenes. Exercises command responsibility as required by circumstances and determines appropriate law enforcement action or other emergency response.

-  Meets all standards for Police Officer Certification under Georgia Law.
-  Acts in the stead of the Chief in his/her absence.
-  Available to the public for advice, complaints, and information.
-  Maintains care and use of the equipment assigned to his/her command.
-  Conducts investigations of violations of Departmental rules when requested by the Chief of Police.
-  Drive police vehicle to conduct field inspections.
-  Review daily memos, reports, letters, and requests.
-  Investigate citizen complaints.
-  Attend various meetings.

-  Two (2) years of experience in management or police administration.
-  Five (5) years of consecutive service as a police sergeant or equivalent.
-  Must maintain State Law Enforcement certification.
-  Must maintain Georgia Driver’s License.

-  Knowledge of police principles and practices.
-  Knowledge of modern practices, procedures, and equipment in emergency communications.
-  Knowledge of technical equipment for crime investigation.
-  Knowledge of supervisory and leadership principles and practices.
-  Knowledge of laws, applicable ordinances, and court decisions.
-  Ability to work effectively with the community, the news media, and other agencies and organizations.
-  Ability to analyze data and make decisions.
-  Ability to initiate and maintain productive communications and cooperation.
-  Ability to operate a radio, telephone, and related communications equipment.
-  Ability to think and act quickly, calmly, and accurately in emergency situations.
-  Ability to evaluate program effectiveness.
-  Ability to supervise and train.
-  Skill in directing and managing complex programs.
-  Ability to develop and implement long-range goals and objectives, and to develop the same skills in subordinates.
-  Ability to recognize and resolve organizational conflict.
-  Ability to develop and maintain strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to conduct oral and written presentations.

Ability to hear, speak, understand conversation in English in various tones of voice, as well as accents.

Ability to lift, carry, push, or pull items weighing more than 15 pounds from one point to the other for a distance which may range from less than 10 feet to no more than 300 yards.

Ability to stay in a standing position, also a bending, kneeling, or squatting position for periods more than 10 minutes.

Ability to operate motor vehicles; i.e., automobiles, trucks, vans, etc.

Ability to go from a standing or sitting position to a bending, kneeling, or squatting position, or vice-versa, periodically.

Ability to work in areas that may be cool or warm during adverse weather conditions.

Ability to physically restrain or subdue an individual(s).

Ability to work in high pace environment.
Salary:  $38,000-40,000
 This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills or working conditions associated with the position. While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.
City Clerk
6920 Main Street
Lithonia, GA 30058
Closing date: November 21, 2018 5pm