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Finance Director

City of Union City

Posted: Nov. 29, 2018

End Date: Dec. 29, 2018

  • To support the vision, mission and guiding principles of the City.
  • While performing any procedure, all associates and contract personnel must observe applicable Safety, Health, and Environmental rules and guidelines. The use of appropriate personal protective equipment is required.
  • Attend and participate in training opportunities and seminars relevant to this position.
  • Adhere to appropriate City operating procedures, benefit rules, employment, and safety policies/practices.
  • Supervises and evaluates assigned staff, handles all employee concerns, directs work assignments, counsels and disciplines employees when necessary, and completes employee performance appraisals;
  • Directs the operations of all divisions within the Finance Department including establishing goals and objectives, providing advice and direction, and assisting in problem solving;
  • Directs the methods and procedures for all financial accounts, designate financial accounting records as may be deemed necessary with the authority to recommend changes in implementation and maintenance;
  • Develops, installs and maintains accounting and budgetary systems which provide control of expenditures within all applicable guidelines, rules, regulations, legal constraints and budgetary controls;
  • Directs and participates with independent auditors in annual audit of City financial transactions;
  • Plans long range goals, objectives, organizational structure and overall financial direction of City departments;
  • Provides direction and assistance to department staff and departments in the preparation and presentation of the City’s annual budget, financial audit reports, revenue administration and treasury management, implementation of auditor recommendations, and citywide policies and procedures;
  • Provides technical advice, counsel and direction to the Mayor, City Council and department heads as necessary to ensure effective administration and implementation of City-approved policies, plans, procedures and systems; files various financial federal and state reports;
  • Manages the development of the annual operating budget and five-year capital improvements program;
  • Prepares and reviews monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets and schedule of revenues and expenditures; presents report to Mayor and City Council;
  • Researches financing options for the City and makes recommendations to the City Manager, Mayor and City Council;
  • Invests municipal funds and closely monitors to obtain optimum return for the City;
  • Reviews the general ledger system for proper entries and compliance with state and federal regulations; prepares necessary reports;
  • Develops and recommends annual department operating budget; monitors and administers approved budget; assists in development of and advises Mayor, City Council and City Manager on annual operating budget and capital expenditures;
  • Plans, reviews, evaluates, supervises, and instructs the work of staff engaged in accounting, data processing, tax and utility billing, and payroll; interviews, hires, trains, assigns work, addresses complaints, resolve conflicts, rewards and disciplines employees;
  • Approves invoices for payment;
  • Trains staff on changes in regulations, information systems and general accounting principles as related to each function within the Finance Department as needed;
  • Implements and installs all changes to financial reporting system, as required;
  • Represents the City at various functions including community functions and business meetings with other organizations;
  • Works with the public regarding City finances and collections; explains and enforces City policies and procedures regarding finances;
  • Approves bank reconciliations;
  • Approves journal entries;
  • Approves all budget adjustments;
  • Oversees the City’s cash management program and authorizes transfer of cash and investment assets and wire transfers;
  • Plans, organizes, and directs procurement operations for the government; manages Union City’s purchasing activities in accordance with the government's purchasing ordinance to minimize the costs of materials, products, and services;
  • Develops purchasing policies and procedures for review and approval by the Mayor and Council;
  • Conducts ongoing review of the procurement operation to insure compliance with established policies and procedures with a goal of continuous improvement (streamlining) of operations;
  • Advises departments on the applicability of the Purchasing Ordinance policies and procedures; provides technical assistance to same by writing or assisting with the formulation of requests for proposals, bid specifications, and requests for information;
  • Maintains current knowledge of purchasing laws, Uniform Commercial Code provisions, and contract law rulings to advise government departments on the legal standing of purchase order agreements and other contracts;
  • Provides purchasing support for capital and maintenance projects, solicits bids for projects, and consults with departments on bid analysis, contractor capabilities, and contract compliance issues;
  • Secures and evaluates the validity of performance, bid, and payment bonds as required for public works contracts; assists in the development of public works contracts;
  •  Performs other related duties as assigned.
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