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Detention Officer

Newton County Board of Commissioners

Posted: Jan. 17, 2019

End Date: Dec. 31, 2019

Job Summary: Processes individuals into the detention facility upon arrest; provides safety, security and care to the prisoners while in custody; provides safety and security to the citizens visiting the facility. This classification covers Detention Officers, Inmate Services, Work Release, and Road Crew Officers.

Major Duties
Conducts inmate counts, and ensures that inmates are conducting themselves accordingly.
Exercises security over inmates to prevent escape.
Conducts routine cell inspections and strip searches and confiscates contraband.
Supervises inmates during cleaning of living areas and monitors the use of controlled chemicals to meet or exceed state and local guidelines.
Provides a safe and secure custody of inmates until their release.
Supervises inmate yard activities and church services.
Ensures inmates receive breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Serves as a lead to staff to include training and providing direction.
Resolves disputes, arguments and physical activities between inmates.
Completes disciplinary and incident reports.
Orientation of incoming inmate by conducting a walkthrough of the facility and advising them of the rules and regulations to successfully complete the work release program.
Maintaining accountability of inmates making payments towards all fees and fines to include: restitution and daily fees.
Maintaining confidential files and records on inmates.
Monitor inmates while conducting landscaping, construction, renovation and demolition activities.
Monitoring, scheduling and supervising roadside cleanup and ensuring safety precautions.
Monitoring work release inmates and maintain custody and control of inmates.