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Deputy Sheriff

Newton County Board of Commissioners

Posted: Jan. 17, 2019

End Date: Dec. 31, 2019

Job Summary: This position is responsible for performing a full range of law enforcement
duties in the patrol, civil, crime prevention, investigation, transportation, court security or
correctional officer functions of the Sheriff's Office. The incumbent may be assigned temporarily
to a specialty area within the Sheriff’s Office based on needs.

Major Duties:
Maintains law and order and protects life and property to include: Patrols assigned
geographic area; receives and responds to dispatch calls; investigates and takes appropriate
action on assigned calls; conducts security checks of businesses, parks, public building,
industrial areas and residences; maintains traffic control through observation and the use of
speed detection devices; detains and tests drivers suspected of driving under the influence;
issues citations and/or makes arrests for violations of laws and ordinances; prepares incident
reports; attends and testifies in court on cases investigated or reports written; responds to
natural and man-made disasters; transports prisoners; locates defendants and serves criminal
warrants; assists with crowd control and security assignments at various public gatherings or
incident scenes; reports hazardous conditions on public roadways and bridges; conducts
surveillance; provides assistance to the public as needed; provides information and guidance
regarding victim’s rights; works with code enforcement; conducts and prepares investigations
of vehicle accidents; assesses victims rendering aid to the injured prior to EMS arrival;
requests assistance of other agencies including emergency and tow services; directs traffic at
scene; prepares accident reports; processes arrested persons following established
procedures; renders aid to other law enforcement personnel; attends/participates in daily roll
call including inspection and training prior to going on duty; participates in training programs
to improve knowledge and skills; performs specialized short or long term assignments
including administrative, technical and investigative duties as required; may serve as field
training officer; works with public, civic organizations, etc. in conducting community