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Facilities Coordinator

Peachtree City

Posted: May. 14, 2019

End Date: Jul. 31, 2019

This position is responsible for supervising the maintenance of City recreational facilities and parks, as well as completing special projects as assigned. Plans, implements, and administers maintenance activities for the City’s recreational facilities and parks; troubleshoots maintenance problems.  Performs inspections and identifies needed maintenance and repair work; makes work assignments; establishes priorities; and develops preventive maintenance schedule.    Supervises, directs, evaluates, and disciplines a crew of personnel; ensures compliance with City policies and procedures; and ensures the availability of parts and materials.Schedules and oversees the work of contractors; serves as project manager; ensures work adheres to policies, quality standards, and safety practices; and approves final work product. Conducts staff meetings and coordinates employee training activities. Maintains equipment inventory; monitors equipment for necessary maintenance and repairs; and orders equipment and supplies. Works with department staff to identify special maintenance needs and to prepare for special events. Participates in the design of new park facilities and ensures all facilities meet City guidelines and codes. Performs and/or oversees in-house construction on park buildings and contracted labor projects.  Maintains knowledge of City ordinances and building codes.  Completes special projects as assigned.  Operates a variety of tools and equipment.  Prepares purchase orders. Develops scale drawings, materials lists, and cost estimates for projects.    Assists in labor ratio and material cost estimates on special bid specifications for City building projects.  Develops weekly cost and materials lists for projects. Assists in the development of the annual budget; makes budget recommendations; and manages approved funds.