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Posted: Jun. 20, 2019

End Date: Jul. 31, 2019

77,843. - 130,777

Until Filled

Work involves the direct and oversee the programs, services, staff and resources of the Recreation & Leisure department. Work involves establishing department work plans, goals and objectives; providing direction and guidance to subordinate staff; overseeing the allocation of department budgets and resources; monitoring department operations; and evaluating department performance.

Establishes strategic plans, goals and objectives for the department.  Ensures the department’s strategic plans support the broad City mission, goals and objectives.  Provides direction and oversight to subordinate managers regarding individual division work plans; and ensures the divisions work together to maximize department performance and the use of resources. Serves as a member of the

Executive Management team, providing input to the City Manager and Council regarding scale strategic decisions.

Coordinates daily work activities; organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; conducts staff meetings; confers with assigned staff, assists with complex/problem situations, and provides technical expertise.

Develops benchmarks and performance measures for the department; monitors and evaluates the programs, services and operations provided by the department; and identifies performance shortcomings and accomplishments. Identifies and directs the implementation of changes in work plans, priorities, resource allocation, policies, and procedures as needed to improve department work products and performance. Ensures all department programs, operations and services comply with applicable City, state and federal regulations, statutes, ordinances and policies, and that the department is meeting the needs of the City and community.

Supervises assigned staff. Performs a variety of administrative duties associated with supervising staff, to include hiring, assigning work, providing guidance and direction; evaluating performance, and taking disciplinary action as necessary.

Directs the allocation of department financial resources.  Develops annual operating and capital expenditure budgets for the department. Oversees and provides guidance to subordinate managers regarding the development of individual division budgets and their incorporation into the department-wide budget; directs the allocation and expenditures of the approved department budget; and reviews and submits budget amendments as necessary.

Coordinates the department activities with other departments, external agencies, consultants and contractors, and the public. Establishes and maintains work relationships which are collaborative, responsive and effective.

Consults with City Manager, City Commissioners, elected officials, and other officials to review department operations/activities, review/resolve problems, receive advice/direction, and provide recommendations. Approves all executive summaries, budget amendments and other documents being submitted and/or presented to the City Council. Provides activity and status reports, updates, study findings, and recommendations to the Council regarding department operations, programs and services.  Provides guidance and advice regarding the functions of the department, programs, and related issues.  Drafts new legislation and/or City ordinances as appropriate.

Serves on various City, community, and inter-agency boards and committees as applicable to departmental objectives: confers with key supervisory staff regularly to identify progress on tasks, problems, and resource issues; meets with associations; meets with citizens and development industry to resolve issues; provides technical assistance and/or input relative to the department’s position regarding matters at hand.

Represents the City to state and federal officials, local businesses, community organizations, citizen groups, the media, and the general public. Provides information regarding departmental project, operations and services.  Obtains information regarding the department’s performance, community interests in City administrative functions, etc.   Responds to inquiries, concerns and/or complaints that cannot be resolved by subordinate managers.

Ensures adherence to established safety procedures; monitors work environment and use of safety equipment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals; initiates any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.
Operates a personal computer, telephones, copiers and other general office equipment as necessary to complete essential functions, to include the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, or other system software.

Performs other related duties as required.

Bachelor’s degree in business / public administration or a field related to assigned operations; supplemented by five years of progressively responsible experience planning and managing finance, budget and personnel programs, resources and operations; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. EOE.


Health/Dental Insurance - Employee coverage is paid by the City of Forest Park.  Family coverage is $13.00 per week.

Vision Insurance - Employee coverage is paid for by the City.  Employee + 1 coverage is $1.00 per week, family coverage is $2.50 per week.

Life Insurance -Employee coverage is paid for by the City of Forest Park, $150,000

Annual Leave, 12 Equivalent days per year.

Sick Leave, 12 Equivalent days per year.

Holiday, 10 paid holidays

Deferred Compensation