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Posted: Jul. 3, 2019

End Date: Jul. 26, 2019

City of Forest Park Request for Proposals
Indoor Pool Improvements – Recreation & Leisure
803 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, Georgia 30297
Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference July 17, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Bid Deadline July 26, 2019 at 2:00 PM
Purpose:         The City of Forest Park Recreation and Leisure Department is renovating the Indoor Pool located at 803 Forest Parkway, Forest Park Georgia.  Forest Park Public Works will support the Recreation & Leisure Department in the renovation and construction process. The purpose of this RFP is to seek proposals from general contractors for the construction and renovation work on the indoor pool and to bring the pool up to current code and to improve the overall environment for the users.  
Scope:             The general contractor will furnish a proposal price for all materials, labor and equipment to replace specific equipment outlined in this RFP.  
                        The work will be completed during normal business hours but weekend work is allowed. The contractor must familiarize himself with the all details of the work required and existing conditions.
The contractor must be a going entity for at least 5 years, produce a valid certificate of liability insurance, which must be on hand before work begins. All work will be permitted and inspected through the Forest Park Planning Building and Zoning Department and is the responsibility of the contractor.
If you have any questions contact Jeff Eady of the City of Forest Park Public Works Department at (404) 608.2310.
The City of Forest Park will hereinafter be referred to as the "City." Respondents to the RFP shall be referred to as "Bidders." The Bidder to whom the contract is awarded shall be referred to as the "Contractor."
General Requirements:
  • Remove the existing Cast iron pump and strainer
  • Install a new PACO 10 HP pump
  • Provide any pipe modifications needed
  • Pump will be 3 phase TEFC
  • Install a new Fiberglass PVC Concentric increaser on pump discharge.
  • Install a new PVC valve and flanges on pump discharge
  • Install a new ABB Variable Frequency Drive
  • 10 HP
  • Electrical included motor starter if needed to new pump
Chlorine Feed System
  • Remove the existing Pulsar Chlorine Feed system
  • Install a new Pulsar P140 chlorine feed system with PLC panel
  • Install new Venturi feed line with new 1 ½” PVC piping
                        All bidders must be licensed, qualified, and understand how to identify the most effective and efficient construction methods to complete the project.     
It is the responsibility of the bidder to inquire about any requirement of this RFP that is not understood.  Responses to inquiries, if they change or clarify the RFP in a substantial manner, will be forwarded by addenda to all parties that attended the pre-proposal meeting. The City will not be bound by oral responses to inquiries or written responses other than addenda. Inquiries about the RFP must be made to:
               Jeff Eady, Public Works Director
The deadline for all inquiries is July 24, 2019 at noon.
                        Award will be made to the bidder considered most qualified who will act in the best interest of the City and whose proposal meets the demands of the City’s services.  Bid packages must include at least three (3) references. These references should be of a similar project and should represent agencies utilizing the bidder’s services as outlined in the proposal.  Bidder to provide company names with contact person and telephone number.
Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals will be evaluated on many criteria deemed to be in the City's best interests to include but are not be limited to:
  • Ability to meet specifications
  • Pricing
  • Responsiveness to proposal terms and conditions
  • References
  • Quality of good and services
  • Workmanship and material warranty
  • Experience in providing the services specified in this RFP.
                        There is a mandatory pre-proposal conference that will allow for a detailed discussion of the staff and use patterns, our services and the City’s expectations. At this time, bidders will have an opportunity to address any questions, and communicate the feasibility of the City’s expectations. If bidders do not attend this conference and still submit a bid package, their bids will not be considered valid and will not be considered for award.
The pre proposal conference will be held on July 17, 2019 and begin promptly 1:30 pm at Forest Park Recreation & Leisure Building, 803 Forest Parkway, Forest Park Georgia, 30297.
                       The City reserves the right to conduct any tests it may deem advisable and to make all evaluations. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids, in whole or in part and is not necessarily bound to accept the lowest bid but instead will accept the bid that is lowest, most responsible, most responsive and best suites the City and the City’s services. The City reserves the right to waive minor irregularities. A bid may be rejected if it is in any way incomplete or irregular. When there are tie bids, there shall be a preference for local.
                        It is the responsibility of the bidder to inquire about any details of this RFP that are not understood. All inquiries must be submitted by email. Responses to inquiries, if they change the RFP in a substantial manner, will be forwarded by email addenda to all parties that attended the pre-proposal meeting. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure an email address has been provided.
Submission:    A SIGNED original and three (3) copies of the bid must be received at Forest Park City Hall, 745 Forest Parkway, 30297. Deadline for submittals is July 26, 2019 at 2pm. The bid must be date/time stamped by Forest Park City Hall in order to be considered. Bidders are strongly encouraged to submit bids in advance of the due date/time to avoid the possibility of missing the deadline due to unforeseen circumstances. Bidders assume the risk of the methods of dispatch chosen. The City assumes no responsibility for delays caused by any package or mail delivery service or unforeseen condition. A postmark on or before the due date WILL NOT be a substitute for receipt of bid. Bids received after the due date and time will be not be returned. Additional time will not be granted to any single bidder, however, additional time may be granted to all bidders when the City determines that circumstances require it. FAXED OR E-MAIL BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
Bonds             Each BID must be accompanied by a BID Bond payable to the OWNER for five percent of the total amount of the BID. As soon as the BID prices have been compared, the OWNER will return the BONDS of all except the three lowest responsible BIDDERS. When the Agreement is executed the bonds of the two remaining unsuccessful BIDDERS will be returned. The BID BOND of the successful BIDDER will be retained until the payment BOND and performance BOND have been executed and approved, after which it will be returned. A certified check may be used in lieu of a BID BOND.
A PERFORMANCE BOND and a PAYMENT BOND each in the amount of 100 percent of the CONTRACT PRICE, with a corporate surety approved by the OWNER, will be required for the faithful performance of the Contract.
Attorney in fact who sign BID BONDS, PAYMENT BONDS and PERFORMANCE BONDS must file with each BOND a certified and effective dated copy of their power of attorney.
Insurance Requirements:
  1. Statutory Workers Compensations Insurance
      Employers Liability
      Bodily Injury Accident - $100,000 Each Accident
      Bodily Injury by Disease - $500,000 Policy Limit
      Bodily Injury by Disease - $100,000 Each Employee
  1. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
     $500,000 Limit of Liability per Occurrence for bodily injury and property
  1. Auto Liability Insurance
      $500,000 Limit of liability per occurrence for bodily injury and property
      damage. Comprehensive form covering all owned, non-owned and hired
  1. Umbrella Liability Insurance- $1,000,00 limit of liability
Envelope:       The signed bid should be submitted in an envelope or package, sealed and identified on the outside of the envelope with contact name, contact email, company name and due date.
Bid Opening: The bid packages will be opened and bid amounts recorded immediately after the deadline for submittal at Forest Park City Hall, 745 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, Georgia 30297. For all bids that clearly identify a primary contact, provide an email address for the primary contact, a list of the submitted bids with company name, and bid amount will be sent via email.
Materials to Include:
1. Contact Information
2. Description of Company
3. Project Proposal
4. Credentials of Relevant Staff
5. List of Proposed Subcontractors (if any)
6. Basis of Pricing
7. E Verify Affidavit or Statement
8. Certificate of Insurance
9. Professional Certifications
10. References as previously described
Selection:        All of the proposals are due on or before July 26. 2019 at 2:00 pm.  Each proposal will be evaluated by the appropriate staff.  Three (3) bidders will be placed on a “short list” and MAY be asked to come in for an interview.  If so the bidders that are selected to come in for an interview may be asked to submit additional information.  You will be notified within one (1) week prior to the interview date of any additional information that will be needed from our office.  We reserve the right to ask for clarification or additional information contained so that a fair and comprehensive evaluation of all proposals can be conducted. If only 3 bids are received, the City reserves the right to terminate this process and begin again or to choose from the 3 submissions.
Debarment:   Submission of a signed bid in response to this solicitation is certification that your firm (or any subcontractor) is not currently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from participation in this transaction by any State or Federal department or agency. Submission is also agreement that the City will be notified of any change in this status.
Affidavit:       Bidder shall make an oath in writing that he/she has not engaged in any collusive or anti-competitive practices in the responding to the bid. Declaration of non-collusion is a statement that the bid submitted is a bona fid bid prepared independent of other bidders, without collusion or fraud (bid rigging, price fixing, rotation of award, etc.)
E-Verify:        E-Verify- All Vendors must submit an affidavit to certify that they participate in the Federal Employment Eligibility Verification. Participation in the E-Verify program must commence before the proposal deadline, and E-Verify affidavit is included in the package.
Proposal Form
Having carefully examined the request for proposal for the Indoor Pool Renovation Project and having visited the site, examined and become familiar with all conditions affecting the cost of the work. The undersigned hereby propose to furnish all labor, material, equipment and incidentals as required; and to perform all work in the manner and form as provided. It is the responsibility of the bidder to furnish with their bid a list clarifying any and all deviations from these specifications, written or implied, in order that a fair and proper evaluation can be made. Those bidders not submitting a list of deviations will be presumed to have bid as specified.
GRAND TOTAL AMOUNT - $ ____________________________
LENGTH OF TIME TO COMPLETE PROJECT:__________________________________________
DATE TO COMMENCE WORK AFTER NTP:____________________________________________
COMPANY NAME: _________________________________________________________________
CITY___________________________STATE__________________ ZIP CODE_________________
NAME OF BIDDER:_________________________________________________________________
SIGNATURE OF BIDDER__________________________________DATE:____________________
WARRANTY PERIOD:_________________________________________________________
5230 Jones Rd. Forest Park Ga., 404.608.2310
Email –
Bidders Qualification Sheet
Company Name _____________________________________________________________
Name _____________________________Title____________________________________
Address __________________________ City _____________________________________
St. _______________________________ Zip_____________________________________
Phone ___________ Fax ______________ E-Mail__________________________________
  1. Number of years of experience bidder has in the type of work described in specifications. ____________________________________
2.    Name & location of places where similar services have been performed in the past five (5) years, and indicate date and year of contracts and name of person to contact who approved Bidders work.
Name Location Year Contact Phone #
3. Number of employees specifically hired by proposer to perform services of type specified.
   Supervisory _________________ Laborers______________________
4. Additional Information ________________________________________________________
    _____________________________________           _________________________
    Signature & Title of Person Preparing this Form        Date

Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act Affidavit
By executing this affidavit, the undersigned contractor verifies its compliance with O.C.G.A. 13-10-91, stating affirmatively that the individual, firm, or corporation which is contracting with the City of Forest Park, Georgia has registered with and is participating in a federal work authorization program - EEV/Basic Pilot Program operated by the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction with the Social Security Administration (SSA), in accordance with the applicability provisions and deadlines established in O.C.G.A. 13-10-91.

The undersigned further agrees that, should it employ or contract with any subcontractor(s) in connection with the physical performance of services pursuant to this contract with the City of Forest Park, Contractor will secure from such subcontractor(s) similar verification of compliance with O.C.G.A. 13-10-91 on the Subcontractor Affidavit provided in Rule 300-10-01-.08 or a substantially similar form. Contractor further agrees to maintain records of such compliance and provide a copy of each such verification to the City of Forest Park at the time the subcontractor(s) is retained to perform such service.

EEV/Basic Pilot Program* User Identification Number

________________________________________ __________
BY: Authorized Officer or Agent                                 Date

Title of Authorized Officer or Agent of Contractor

Printed Name of Authorized Officer or Agent


_____ DAY OF ______________________, 20__

Notary Public
My Commission Expire

COUNTY OF:_____________________________
STATE OF:________________________________
Before me, the Undersigned Bidder being duly sworn on oath, a Notary Public, for and in the County and State aforesaid, personally appeared _____________________________________and made oath that the Contractor herein, his agents, servants, and/or employees, to the best of his knowledge and belief, have not in any way colluded with anyone for and on behalf of the Contractor, or themselves, to obtain information that would give the Contractor an unfair advantage over others, nor have they colluded with anyone for and on behalf of the Contractor, or themselves, to gain any favoritism in the award of the contract herein.
He or she further states that no person or person, firms, or corporation has, have or will receive directly or indirectly, any rebate, fee gift, commission or thing of value on account of such sale.
Oath and Affirmation
I hereby affirm under the penalties for perjury that the facts and information contained in the foregoing bid for public works are true and correct.
Dated this day______ of ____________________, _______________
Authorized Signature for Contractor: _________________________________________
Title: __________________________________________________________________
Contractor's name (print):____________________________________
SWORN TO BEFORE ME THIS ______DAY OF_____________, 20_____                 
NOTARY PUBLIC FOR THE STATE OF ______________________               
My Commission Expires: ______________________
Notary Public Signature________________________                             
Printed Name:__________________________________                                                   
Phone Number:______________________________
(Note:  Notary seal required for foreign Contractor.)