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Planning/Transportation Manager

Dekalb County Government

Posted: Jul. 9, 2019

End Date: Aug. 9, 2019

Manages, directs, and evaluates assigned staff; develops and oversees employee work schedules to ensure adequate coverage and control; compiles and reviews timesheets; approves/processes employee concerns and problems and counsels or disciplines as appropriate; assists with or completes employee performance appraisals; directs work; acts as a liaison between employees and senior management; and trains staff in operations, policies, and procedures.

Organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; prioritizes and schedules work activities in order to meet objectives; ensures that subordinates have the proper resources needed to complete the assigned work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; consults with assigned staff to assist with complex/problem situations and provide technical expertise; provides progress and activity reports to management; and assists with the revision of procedure manuals as appropriate.

Manages and coordinates the operation of Transportation and Comprehensive Transportation Plans and updates; supervises Forecasting and Modeling, Multi Modal and LCI Transportation grants; meets with Commissioners and other elected officials to discuss and review transportation issues; represent the County at public hearings and agency meetings where transportation planning is being considered. 

Serves as liason between Planning and the DeKalb County Deparment of Public Works, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, Georgia Department of Transportation, MARTA, Atlanta Regional Commission, and Community Improvement Districts as needed.


Manages the development of transportation projects for federal, state, and local funding; reviews field surveys to assess transportation conditions in DeKalb County and identify potential problems and propose solutions; reviews and approves traffic impact studies by staff and consultants; prepares transportation briefings for Administration and Board of Commissioners; directs the development of new transportation planning techniques, tools and the maintenance of automated tools to assist department and local agencies to conduct studies and research on transportation system performance. 

Ensures coordination of transportation and planning related projects between divisions; creates and participates in the problem resolution task force; responds to customer requests and complaints regarding the process; coordinates the movement of applications internally and externally in order to address customer needs; and participates on the related committees and task forces.

Recommends appropriate transportation planning needs as related to large mixed use development, transit oriented development, expansion of existing facilities, or the startup of a small business; communicates with lawyers, realtors, developers, business owners and community groups; reviews and edits zoning related correspondence with transportation concerns; and evaluates written analyses on proposed rezoning projects.

Manages and prepares amendment creation and adoption processes for the Transportation Plan and /or related planning projects; prepares written amendments; schedules and facilitates formal public hearings as needed; presents amendments at Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting; and monitors amendments through review and adoption by BOC.