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Public Works Technician II

City of Alpharetta

Posted: Aug. 14, 2019

End Date: Aug. 30, 2019

Under general direction of the Public Works Crew Leader, performs a variety of routine manual work in traffic operations, the maintenance, repair, and construction of streets, signs, sewers, storm drains, and related structures.  Renovates City buildings and facilities and fixtures; uses and operates a variety of manual and power tools and light to heavy power driven equipment; and provides complex technical support to the Public Works Crew Leader.
  • Performs a variety of routine manual work in traffic operations, the maintenance, repair, and construction of streets, signs, pavement markings, graffiti eradication, sewers, storm drains, and related structures.
  • Operates and maintains a variety of construction and maintenance equipment, light and heavy trucks, and power tools, such as jackhammers, concrete saws, tampers, rollers, compressors, generators, skip loaders, spreader boxes, berm machines, backhoes, rodding machines, sewer flushers, bobcats, gas and leak detectors, airless spray equipment, heat bonding machines, and stripers.
  • Performs preventive maintenance on tools and equipment; fuels and lubricates vehicles and related equipment.
  • Operates City trucks, trailers, and tractors with attachments skillfully and safely; washes and cleans assigned vehicles; uses appropriate safety equipment; inspects vehicles, performs minor maintenance and reports the need for major repair and service.
  • Performs carpentry work, including the construction, installation, remodeling, and repair of cabinets, partitions, walls, windows, doors, roofs, foundations, and other carpentry work.
  • Prepares surfaces for painting or repainting; appropriately applies paint, varnish, shellac, enamel, lacquer, and other protective or decorative finishes to various interior and exterior surfaces using and operating the appropriate equipment.
  • Performs the full range of masonry duties; installs and repairs drywall.
  • Paints traffic control markings and stencils on pavements and curbs using airless spray equipment and brushes; installs, repairs, and replaces street signs and posts; cleans and maintains existing signs; removes graffiti from City property; installs raised traffic bars and reflectors.
  • Operates and maintains a wide variety of hand and power tools.
  • Fabricates traffic and other signs according to established standards.
  • Installs, repairs and maintains sewer mains and laterals; raises manholes, clears mains and laterals with jet and hand rods; cleans and maintains storm drains, pipes, catch basins, and flood channels; chemically treats mains.
  • Breaks, removes, and replaces concrete and asphalt; digs, shovels, hauls, loads and unloads soils, sand, asphalt mixes and other materials; hauls materials to and from sites; removes concrete, builds forms and prepares sub grades; mixes, pours and finishes concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters and driveways.
  • Repairs private property damaged in the course of the work; spreads, shovels, rakes, floats, and rolls asphalt; sprays oil; sands seal surfaces; chips seal streets; repairs potholes.
  • Responds to customer complaints.
  • Responds to emergencies in off-hours as required; may be required to work overtime and off-hour shifts as needed.
  • Observes safe work methods and uses safety equipment.
  • Secures worksites from traffic hazards as necessary.
  • Keeps work related records using a computer.
  • Assists in the instruction and training of less experienced staff.
  • Builds and maintains positive working relationships with co-workers, other city employees and the public using principles of good customer service.
  • Performs related duties as required or assigned.
Stormwater Maintenance;  Performs construction, maintenance, and repair activities of City construction systems and facilities to ensure safe and efficient access for the public, including concrete and open channels, creeks, pipes, drains, detention basins, and drop inlets.
  • Performs a variety of duties in the maintenance of drainage structures to ensure efficient drainage, including inspecting, repairing, and replacing patrol tide areas, and opening and closing tide valves along assigned routes.
  • Performs concrete and open channel maintenance, including inspecting and repairing stormwater conveyance systems to ensure water quality, removing/abating weeds and other invasive vegetation. Removing coefficients, sediments, debris, and trash from channels, applying site delineation, best management practices, and erosion control before, during, and after maintenance activities, and keeping in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local water regulatory laws and regulations.
  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs box coverts under roads and bridges.
  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs dynamic and static stormwater detention basins.
  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs all City drop inlets, storm drains, stormwater pipes, and brow ditches; repairs damage and cleans out dirty or clogged facilities.
Street Maintenance
  • Performs construction, maintenance, and repair activities of City streets and roadways to ensure safe and efficient access for the public, including alleys, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, roadway base and sub-base, guardrails, asphalt pavement, crack seal application, concrete repair, traffic and street sign installation, repair, and reflectivity, and pavement markings.
  • Provides installation, maintenance, and repair of traffic signs, including making signs, and installing signposts and signs in accordance with federal, state, and City codes.
  • Participates in the asphalt program, including demolition and preparation of areas to be resurfaced; apply, raking, compacting, and paving appropriate materials to the surface, and cleaning up area.
  • Participates in the crack seal program, including cleaning and preparing surfaces with the appropriate equipment and applying crack sealing material and applicable chemicals to the surface.
  • Participates in the concrete program, including attending to trip hazards, demolishing and removing concrete, and forming, pouring, and finishing sidewalk, handicapped ramps, curbs, and gutters.
  • Participates in the sign retro-reflectivity program, including updating all City traffic signs in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Inspects City premises for graffiti vandalism, uses appropriate chemicals and high-pressure equipment to remove graffiti.
  • Performs tree trimming and removal services, including pruning branches, grinding tree stumps to ground level, and removing trees safely and efficiently
  • Performs legend painting and striping of City streets and parking lots using appropriate materials.
  • Installs street barricades and cones and controls traffic around work sites and special events to ensure safe conditions for the general public and City workers.
Minimum Qualifications
Any combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job qualifies.
  • High school diploma or GED equivalency; additional specialized course work in public works construction and maintenance or a related field is desirable.
  • Two years of increasingly responsible experience in street maintenance and construction, stormwater/drainage maintenance and construction, traffic control systems, or facilities maintenance and construction.
  • Possession of International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Traffic Signal Technician Level I and II certification or International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Signs and Markings Level I and II certification as appropriate to assignment.
  • Must be able to pass an examination on operations and maintenance of heavy construction equipment provided by the Engineering/Public Works Department within six months of hire.
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid combined Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) within six months of hire is preferred.
  • Possession of a valid Georgia Class C driver’s license.
Please submit: (1) a cover letter of interest, (2) resume, and (3) employment application (https://www.alpharetta.ga.us).
All documents may be submitted electronically by e-mail to kbott@alpharetta.ga.us or fax to 678-297-6041.  If you are mailing your submission, send all documents to Kathy Bott, Human Resources Manager, City of Alpharetta, 2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta, GA 30009.  The position is “Open Until Filled” and may be closed at any time without prior notice.