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Hall County

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Performs and supervises an inmate work detail to complete skilled carpentry, electrical air conditioning, plumbing and painting related work in County buildings to insure all buildings are maintained properly.



Landscape- utilize inmate crew to complete mowing, edging, leaf collection and other landscaping duties.

Preventative/Predictive Maintenance items include but are not limited to: HVAC- changing filters, checking belts, greasing fittings and completing system checklists on air conditioning units and related equipment.

Electrical- changing interior and exterior light bulbs often using lifts or scaffolding for high ceilings or pole lights.

Checking automated lighting timers and photonic controls for proper operation.

Plumbing- checks interior and exterior plumbing fixtures for leaks notes deficiencies.

Seasonal- Completes Cleans gutter and downspouts, checks for roof leaks.

General- Completes other items on supplied checklist, notes deficiencies in facility conditions on daily reports of completed work.

Routine Maintenance and repair items include but are not limited to:

  • Plumbing - Minor repairs (faucets, spigots, flush valves ….etc.)
  • Electrical – Changing ballasts in fluorescent fixtures.
  • Carpentry- General repair work or light construction. Sheet rock repair/installation and finishing.
  • Painting - Repair of office furniture (countertops, desks, shelving etc).
  • Forms, pours and finishes concrete.

Replaces or repairs broken doors, locks, and windows. Repairs Roof Leaks.

Minor welding and other related duties as required.

Regular and predictable attendance is required.

Performs other related duties as required.



Various Saws                                       Drill Press                                             Planers

Router                                                    Jointers                                                  Drills

Sanders                                                  Power Tools                                        Paint Sprayers

Ammeter                                               Volt-Ohmmeter                                   Plumbers Snake

Acetylene Torch                                  Sheet Metal Tools                               Calibration & Testing Equipment

Pneumatic Calibration Kit



Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or GED. Ability to read and write.

Three years carpentry and building maintenance experience.

Any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the minimum level of qualifications stated above.


Licenses and Certifications:

Current P.O.S.T. Certification (or ability to qualify within 6 mo. of hire)

Valid Class C Driver’s License and a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of HVAC to include operations, maintenance,

Knowledge of building maintenance, construction, equipment and materials.

Knowledge of local building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical codes.

Skill in coordinating work activities.

Skill in oral and written communication.

Must have mechanical aptitude.

Ability to read and interpret building plans, specifications and blueprints.

Ability to perform strenuous and routine manual work.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with County employees and outside contractors.


ADA Minimum Qualifications:

Physical Ability: Essential functions frequently require the ability to move oneself about the job site by walking; ascend and descend ladders, stairs, and ramps; maintain body equilibrium to prevent failing when walking, standing, crouching or navigating narrow, slippery or erratically moving surfaces; push or pull items; repetitively use hands/arms; grasp items; and move/transport items weighing up to 50lbs. Incumbents frequently must be able to think analytically; handle stress and emotions; concentrate on tasks; remember names and other details; adjust to change; and examine/observe details. Additionally, essential functions frequently require incumbents to direct others; use a keyboard/type; maintain stamina during the workday; meet deadlines; operate equipment; stay organized; and use math/calculations.

Essential functions occasionally require the ability to remain in a stationary position (sitting/standing); bend body downward and forward by bending spine and legs, twisting at the waist, hips or knees; move oneself by crawling on hands and knees; reach overhead; position oneself by crouching/kneeling; repetitively use legs; and move/transport items weighing between 51lbs and 100lbs. Incumbents occasionally must be able to make decisions and discriminate colors. Additionally, essential functions occasionally require incumbents to be on call; work irregular hours (nights/weekends); attend work related meetings and trainings; and handle confidential information.

Sensory Ability: Essential Functions require the ability to use effective verbal and written communication; and use of hand/eye coordination and fine manipulation to use tools and equipment.

Environmental Factors: Essential functions are frequently performed with exposure to adverse environmental conditions, including inclement weather; extreme hot or cold temperatures; moving mechanical parts; extreme noise; and vibration. Incumbents frequently work with others.

Essential functions are occasionally performed with exposure to risk of bodily injury from biological, chemical, electrical, and sharp objects/tools hazards; falling from high or exposed places, and falling objects; constricted spaces; dirt/mud, fumes, gasses, odors, dust, grease, and oil; and wet, slippery floors and surfaces. Incumbents must occasionally work alone.

Incumbents regularly must be able to work around equipment/machinery; drive county vehicles and other equipment; and walk on uneven ground.

This class specification should not be interpreted as all inclusive.  It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job.  The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specifica­tion.

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