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Public Works Superintendent


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City of Dawson Georgia

Job Description

Utility Superintendent

The City of Dawson Utility Superintendent will directly supervise all utility, street, maintenance and public works employees.   The basic duties are related to water services, sanitary sewer, storm water, gas system and street maintenance, repair and quality control of the city’s infrastructure.   This position will assist or aid another department as necessary.

This position answers to the City Manager but is expected to work independently with minimal day to day direction.  The Superintendent will need to schedule, arrange and plan daily activities with the needs of the citizens of Dawson and the city’s budgetary allowances as a priority.  Hiring, firing and discipline, if necessary, will be in accordance with city policies and procedures and provided by the superintendent.  

Salary: Commensurate with certifications and experience.  $45k to $55K

Requirements: State of Georgia Class C driver’s license


The superintendent duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Schedule and supervise work of subordinate personnel
  • Make recommendations for hiring and disciplinary actions of division personnel
  • Set priorities on job assignments
  • Respond to citizen complaints and concerns
  • Keep accurate and up to date records of maintenance projects
  • Supervise and assist the installation of new services and maintenance of same
  • Maintain inspection reports, service work orders and daily activities
  • Maintain service records on all equipment
  • Operate all equipment provided for the installation, repair and maintenance of city infrastructure
  • Maintain all licenses, certifications and continuing education requirements necessary for the upkeep of all city infrastructure and to keep staff up to date and certified as necessary to meet local, state and federal requirements
  • Responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, repair, signage, testing, reporting and qualifying of employees for all the city systems
  • Position is responsible for after hours, on call and emergency response or the provisions necessary for other personnel to provide same
  • Administer, update and maintain reports required to keep the city in compliance with state and federal regulations related to the city water sewer and gas services
  • Other related duties as may be assigned


Experience required: Minimum 3 years direct service related to water systems, storm water systems, street maintenance, Gas systems and services, utility work orders and construction equipment operation.


Education: High school diploma or GED required.   Vocational training, college degree or equivalent training and certifications preferred.   Natural gas pipeline operator certificate, class II water certification, class I waste water certification, and CDL license or any combination of the above preferred.  

If applicant does not possess any of the above certifications at time of hiring, in order to remain employed with the City as Utility Superintendent, certifications must be obtained within 6 months of hiring or must be in process as approved by the City Manager.


Residency/On-Call Requirements: Applicant must live within a 30-minute response time.  The City of Dawson gas system requires a minimum response time for service or complaints investigation.   Due to this emergency response requirement a certified worker shall be on call.  Employee must be available to be on-call or make arrangements for a certified alternate.

Minimum Skills: Through knowledge, experience and understanding of all federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the gas, water, sewer and other utilities to include installation and maintenance.  Knowledge of all safety requirements and Personnel protection equipment needed to provide service and maintenance to minimize job site incidences.    The knowledge and ability to operate all related equipment such as digging, testing and line locating equipment.


Problem Solving:  Frequent problem solving exist in this position, detailed thought and rapid resolve is sometime needed with the understanding public safety and system protection is needed to maintain public trust.   Prioritizing and scheduling is a must to be successful as Utility Superintendent for the City of Dawson and decision and problem solving needs to be a strong suit.


Accountability: Position is responsible for inventory and budgetary control within their department and will participate in annual budget process with the City Manager and Finance Director.  Mathematical aptitude, good oral and written as well as communication skills are a must.


Supervision: Position is responsible for preparing evaluations of employees within the public works department.  Maintaining time sheets to include vacation and sick usage as allowed by city handbook.  Manage and direct employees on a day-to-day basis.  Schedule and ensure drug testing when required.  Assist another department when needed.


Working Conditions: Adverse weather conditions, smoke, dust, dirt and traffic concerns are a normal event in this position.




Conclusion: This job description posted is intended to provide the normal daily duties related to the Utility superintendent responsibilities but is in no way intended to be a complete and complex description of all the duties and responsibilities related to this position.   Other duties as assigned and assistance to other departments within the experience of the position may be required. 

The City of Dawson is an equal opportunity employer. 

The City of Dawson is a drug free workplace and certain positions require random testing.

The City of Dawson provides reasonable accommodations as needed to accommodate injuries and disabilities.

The City of Dawson offers retirement, health insurance and other benefits as approved by Mayor and Council as part of the employment offer.


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