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The Watkinsville Police Department is actively seeking a qualified, dynamic and progressive individual to fill a current vacancy in our Department as a Police Officer to replace a retiring Officer.

So, you’re a veteran officer looking for a place to continue service because you need that outlet of providing a positive influence on the community you serve. Well, if you would get out in the rain and help a citizen change a tire, or you would rather step out of the air-conditioned patrol car on a hot day to play a quick game of catch with a kiddo; or on the hottest day of the year help direct traffic at a difficult intersection because there is no better way to ensure citizens get through more safety than with your assistance; or if going to eat lunch in a cafeteria full of loud happy kids suits you better than eating at your favorite restaurant; and if meeting and changing the lives of citizens every day needing help is right up your alley, are probably wondering where that one place is YOU CAN use YOUR SKILLS to have INFLUENCE in the community YOU SERVE

The City of Watkinsville located in Oconee County, and currently covers 3.2 square miles and serves a residential population of just under 3000, a higher daily population occurs due to business and industry.

Under new leadership the Watkinsville PD is recreating its image as an agency and working towards State Certification.  The “motto” of the Watkinsville PD is “Professional Service“ we strive to live up to this in all our actions.  Watkinsville is a very family oriented community and the +Department is very focused on providing the highest level of service possible to its citizens.

Watkinsville PD is made up currently of four uniform patrol Officers and two uniform patrol Sergeant’s, all of which work a standard twelve hour shift with day/night rotation, the Sergeant’s work an overlapping shift to supervise the two Officers on their rotation.

An extensive benefit package includes higher than average pay, with yearly merit increases (evaluation dependent), cost of living increases (if approved), yearly bonuses (if approved), medical/dental/vision insurance which the City pays 75 % of the costs, 3 % retirement plan after twelve months of employment, 50K life insurance policy paid by the city, a liberal take home vehicle program, all uniforms and equipment, nine paid City holidays, 96 hours of vacation first year and 192 hours from year two.   Salary depending on applicant qualifications, starts at $ 37,122.45 - $40,768.00 depending on experience and qualifications.  This is an hourly position with paid overtime, 171 plan.

The Department is very “training” oriented and routinely conducts in house training and sends its Officers to out of town training. 

Officers currently wear navy blue duty uniforms with Armor Skin outer vest carriers, and carry issued Glock full sized side arms and issued Glock compact back up side arms, issued Mossberg patrol shotguns and issued Smith & Wesson Patrol Rifles.  Intermediate weapons carried are OC spray, baton and the new Tazer 7 multi shot electronic restraint weapon.  The Department is on the 800mzh communication system using in car Mobile Data Terminals and dispatched by the Oconee County Sheriff Communication Center.

All applicants selected for processing must pass an Interview, Medical review, Psychological examination and extensive Background Investigation of both on duty and off duty conduct.

For further questions for additional information please contact Major Todd Tetterton by telephone (706) 769-5161 or email at

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