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Government Buildings Maintenance Tech

Lumpkin County

Listing Summary

This position is responsible for performing maintenance and repair duties in county buildings and on county grounds.


Job Responsibilities



• Performs general remodeling duties, including carpentry, roofing, masonry, electrical, painting, flooring, welding, and plumbing tasks;

• Performs various plumbing duties: installs or replaces fixtures; clears stopped drains; installs or replaces water valves, lines, and stem parts; unclogs and repairs sewer lines; installs and repairs lawn sprinkler systems; and installs septic tanks;

• Performs various electrical duties: installs or replaces receptacles, outlets, and fixtures; changes ballasts; installs breakers in fuse boxes; pulls wires; installs conduits; and installs telephone lines;

• Performs various rough carpentry tasks, such as hanging doors and windows, repairing furniture and woodwork, framing rooms, hanging drywall, building shelves, installing cabinets and countertops, and building wheelchair ramps;

• Performs masonry and concrete duties: builds forms, and pours and finishes concrete;

• Performs preventive maintenance work on air conditioning systems such as changing filters, cleaning coils and units, and repairing ducts;

• Installs, repairs, or replaces door and window locks;

• Moves office equipment, furniture, and records;

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