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Building Inspector I

Sandy Springs

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Building Inspector I

Full Time

City Hall, Sandy Springs, GA, US

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Salary Range:$63,296.90 Annually Onwards

The City of Sandy Springs is looking for its next great Building Inspector. This is an exciting opportunity to join a great organization dedicated to providing professional, detailed, and organized inspection services for all commercial and residential buildings, trades, swimming pools, and retaining walls. The Building Inspection team consists of licensed engineers, an architect, and former builders who each have over 20 years of experience and are ready to share their knowledge with you. If you are ready to join a team that leads by example, please apply now!


The Building Inspector is responsible for performing on-site visual inspections of vertical structures at various stages of construction.  Their primary responsibility is to verify whether construction is in compliance with the approved construction documents and all applicable City, State, and Federal building codes and regulations. They regularly communicate with the contractors in the field and provide guidance as needed for deficient items noted.  Once all inspections have been approved, only then can a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) or Certificate of Completion (CC) be issued by the Building Official.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

 The Building Inspector has four (4) basic responsibilities:

 1.   Have an in-depth knowledge of the various building codes and regulations through experience, training, and certifications.

 2.   Performing on-site visual inspections of commercial and residential buildings, trades, swimming pools, and retaining walls to verify code compliance.

 3.   Be able to effectively communicate verbally and electronically with the public about various code requirements.

 4.   Responsible for final approval of all vertical construction projects that ultimately determine when a CO, TCO, or CC can be issued.

 Detailed Job Description:

The primary responsibility of the Building Inspector is to perform on-site visual inspections of all commercial and residential buildings, trades, swimming pools, and retaining walls at various stages of construction.  The inspection process is broken into four basic categories that follow the general construction process: Preconstruction Inspections, Foundation Inspections, Building Inspections, and Final Inspections.

Inspections are typically scheduled by the contractor through the Build Sandy Springs online portal.  All inspections requested by 2:00 pm the prior business day are scheduled for the following business day. Once the various inspections have been assigned for the day, the inspector shall review the approved construction documents to familiarize themselves with the project and plan their inspection route for the day. The inspector shall call the contact person to verify that they are ready for the inspection and try to coordinate a time for the inspection.  Once out in the field, the inspector shall call the contact person approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival so that the contact person can be available on-site during the inspection.

The inspector performs the visual inspection and determines whether the inspection is denied or approved.  If denied, the inspector shall identify the deficiencies, with photos, in the inspection report and notify the contractor via email of the denied inspection.  If the inspection is approved, then an approved inspection report shall be emailed to the contractor. The process is repeated throughout the various stages of construction until the final inspection is approved.

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