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Code Enforcement Officer


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The position is under the direct supervision of the Police Chief, this person will operate out of an office located at the Police Department where access to permanent records is available.

Employee will follow Police Department Uniform, Equipment, and Vehicle Policies. The City Manager will act as a liaison on issues directly related to functions maintained at City Hall. On occasion, it may be necessary for this person to assist other department heads with their duties.




➢ Periodically inspects the corporate city limits to monitor for violations of local codes.

➢ Responds to complaints of potential code violations relating to signing, building occupancy, nuisances, hazardous sidewalks or other conditions, housing conditions, construction, land use, zoning, animals, noise, dumping, clearing, grading, filling, polluting, or other code related matters.

➢ Conducts field investigations of potential violations; gathers evidence; question complainants, witnesses and suspects; compares facts to code requirements; makes findings, issues warnings, correction notices or citations.

➢ Meets with owners, tenants, contractors, developers, businesses, etc. to review and explain code requirements and violations or potential violations; secures code compliance.

➢ Drafts and distributes a variety of correspondence, memoranda, notices, flyers, brochures, media releases, and reports relating to code enforcement issues and actions.

➢ Provides information to persons who request information or assistance in code enforcement related matters.

➢ Maintains a variety of logs and records related to inspection and enforcement activities; prepares recommendations for amendments and additions to codes or regulations, which relate to the position.

➢ Coordinates efforts with the planning, utility and related departments, the prosecuting attorney, and other staff or agencies, as needed.

➢ Works with prosecutors to obtain written or tape-recorded statements, depositions, or admissions, as needed.

➢ Review cases being prepared for trial with emphasis on the evidentiary and legal issues crucial to successful prosecution.

➢ Prepares detailed reports of activities and investigations made; consults with prosecutors and prepares case report for court action; testifies in court.

➢ Assist in obtaining enhancing, preparing or presenting exhibits or other evidence in court as required.



➢ Building Permits and Inspections: Code Enforcement will work with Third-Party Inspection companies to aid in the processes of issuing building permits and Certificates of Occupancy.


➢ Zoning Issues: Applications for re-zoning and amendments to zoning are made at

city hall. The Code Enforcement Officer will work with the Zoning Administrator as needed on these cases.


➢ Code Enforcement: The Code Enforcement Officer will issue nuisance orders. Any matter affecting the safety, health or welfare of the citizens of Royston could be included. This will also involve taking complaints from citizens, checking their validity and rendering a decision on issuing a Notice to Remove, Court Summons, etc. The Code Enforcement Officer will be charged with the task of reviewing old

files and complaints and following up on these to see that they have been resolved. If it becomes necessary to involve the courts, it will be his/her responsibility to attend the court sessions to which the defendants have been called to testify on behalf of the city. Following up on the judge’s rendering will also be expected.


➢ Cemetery: Maintenance of the cemetery records will be a duty of the Code Enforcement Officer. This will include location of the graves, the marking of the gravesite, as well as the markers and coping. In cooperation with the City Clerk, Issuance of the deeds to lots sold as well as the actual selling of the lots. From time to time, decisions will have to be made concerning disputes.


➢ Business License/Occupational Taxes: The Code Enforcement Officer will work with the City Clerk on collection of past due business licenses. Any new businesses, which open without the proper license, may be addressed by this department.


➢ Animal Control: It shall be the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Officer to check the validity of calls concerning dogs that pose a threat to citizens. The Animal Ordinance shall be enforced by the removal of stray animals to the Animal Shelter on an “as needed” basis. Care and Record Keeping will be maintained by Code Enforcement.




High School diploma or GED GACE Certification is preferred.

Certified Peace Officer preferred

Some knowledge of code enforcement principles, practices, and methods as applicable to a municipal setting; working knowledge of applicable laws, standards, and regulations relating to various land use, nuisance, and public safety codes; working knowledge of inspection techniques are preferred.

Willing to obtain the training/schooling necessary to become certified by GACE.

Skill in operating a personal computer, including word-processing and data base software,

motor vehicle, phone, mobile or portable radio, and copiers.

Ability to prepare, organize and maintain inspection field data, reports and systems, ability to analyze complex situations, problems, and data, and use sound judgment in drawing conclusions and making decisions; ability to comprehend and articulate complex facts

and relationships in detail and to summarize and write clearly, concisely, and legibly, and to testify in court in an objective, concise and professional manner; ability to produce or obtain reports graphs, charts, photographs, or the evidence or exhibits, ability to com- communicate effectively orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with citizens, employees, supervisors, and the public; ability to follow verbal and written instructions; ability to handle stressful situations and effectively deal with difficult or angry people

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