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Chief Appraiser


Listing Summary

Salary:  $99,853.00 - $164,757.00 Annually DOQ

Position Information

The purpose of this classification is to direct operations of the Property Evaluation Office in conducting valuations of real/personal property and compiling the County's tax digest for collection of property taxes.  

This position is appointed by the Board of Assessors and is not subject to civil services provisions.  

Job Summary

Supervises, directs, and evaluates assigned staff, processing employee concerns and problems, directing work, counseling, disciplining, and completing employee performance appraisals; interviews and hires new employees.
Coordinates daily work activities; organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; confers with assigned staff, assists with complex/problem situations, and provides technical expertise.
Ensures staff with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies and procedures; ensures adherence to established safety procedures; monitors work environment and use of safety equipment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals; initiates any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.
Consults with Chairman of Board of Tax Assessors, Tax Commissioner, County Administrator, board members, and other officials to review department operations/activities, review/resolve problems, receive advice/direction, and provide recommendations.
Oversees County-wide real property appraisal program and personal property audit program to determine appropriate values for tax assessment purposes; compiles accurate data for preparation of the County's tax digest; monitors work to ensure equalization of property values and timely completion of appraisals/audits.
Interprets, explains, and applies state and local laws pertaining to property appraisal and assessment.
Develops and implements long and short term plans, goals, and objectives for the department; evaluates efficiency and effectiveness of department operations, methods, procedures, and use of resources; implements improvements as needed.
Develops, updates, and implements departmental policies and procedures.
Develops and implements departmental budget; monitors expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budget; develops and administers budget for Board of Equalization; assists County Administrator and Director of Finance in revenue planning; informs School Board and County Commissioners of revenue and growth projections.
Compiles the County's annual tax digest; prepares related reports and documentation for submission with digest; ensures accuracy of data and timeliness of submission of digest for approval.
Conducts complex statistical analyses; performs statistical analysis of sales data to determine appraised/assessed property values; reviews statistical analyses conducted by staff members to ensure valuation at fair market value; analyzes data, identifies trends, and prepares reports/presentations.
Provides information and assistance to property owners, builders, surveyors, realtors, or other individuals regarding appraisal data, assessments, valuations, property lines, ownership records, appeal rights, deadlines, procedures, penalties, and related information; explains assessment laws to taxpayers; responds to questions, complaints, and correspondence from the public; resolves issues involving angry/irate taxpayers; provides information, researches problems, and initiates problem resolution.
Performs appraisals of complex properties and oversees various appraisal/auditing activities; measures and lists all types of real estate; determines timber cuts for taxation; prepares public utility assessments; prepares sales ratio studies, building cost studies, pricing/valuation schedules, and comparative data for use in determining values.
Receives and processes applications for homestead exemptions, agricultural exemptions, and historical property exemptions; makes decisions or recommendations as appropriate.
Administers appeal process; defends appraised values, audits, and valuation methods during appeals; prepares and delivers presentations to defend appraised values during Board of Equalization hearings and Superior Court hearings.
Attends meetings, serves on committees, and makes presentations as needed; delivers presentations to Commissioners or other groups; attends Board of Assessors meetings; serves on various committees for selection/reviews of County-side systems or services.
Prepares, coordinates, and presents public relations programs; provides information to the public regarding exemptions, reappraisals, and other issues; prepares press releases; prepares presentations for public relations purposes.
Oversees contracted services for the department; prepares requests for proposals; reviews proposals and recommends selection of vendors; negotiates terms of contracts; monitors quality control issues involving work performed by contracted vendors.
Coordinates or conducts training activities; monitors staff certification program.
Conducts research of various sources; researches legal records, Internet resources, or other
Communicates with County officials, Board of Equalization, Board of Tax Assessors, other departments, employees, property owners, taxpayers, business owners, realtors, attorneys, surveyors, tax consultants, legislators, vendors, the public, state/federal agencies, outside agencies, the media, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, resolve problems, or give/receive advice/direction.
Maintains a comprehensive, current knowledge of applicable laws/regulations; maintains an awareness of new trends and advances in the profession; reads professional literature; maintains professional affiliations; attends workshops and training sessions as appropriate.
Leads the department in ensuring compliance with all safety and health requirement; develops safety policies essential to the department; ensures all new departmental employees are trained on safety policies prior to commencing duties;  ensures all departmental staff are trained annually on departmental safety policies ensuring safety standards are consistently followed;  maintains safe and healthy working conditions ensuring minimal injury, accidents, liabilities and waste of materials within the department.
Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include answering telephone calls, assisting customers at front counter, making copies, sending/receiving faxes, filing documentation, or processing incoming/outgoing mail.
Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, Finance, or closely related field from an accredited college or university; supplemented by six (6) years previous experience and/or training that includes progressively responsible real property appraisal, personal property appraisal, tax assessment, mass appraisal, property valuation, budget administration, management, and personal computer operations; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.  

  • Must possess and maintain valid State of Georgia Appraiser IV certification. 
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver's license.

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