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Police Sergeant


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JOB TITLE:                          POLICE SERGEANT
DEPARTMENT:                   POLICE
REPORTS TO:                     CHIEF OF POLICE
POSITION NUMBER:         P32000-04, P32000-05, P32000-06, P32000-07
STATUS:                                NON-EXEMPT         
This is general law enforcement work responsible for protecting life and property, enforcing laws and ordinances and performing responsible work as a primary shift supervisor.  Work involves routine patrol work, traffic enforcement, preliminary investigations, and other related work.  Work involves an element of personal danger.  Employee works under the direct supervision of the Patrol Commander.
MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.
  • Perform the duties of a Shift Supervisor responsible for operations on assigned shift: gives orders and assignments to officers; approves all related shift reports and forms; conducts performance evaluation; assists in training new officers; enforces department rules and regulations.
  • Perform patrol duties in residential, business, and commercial areas as a crime prevention effort.
  • Answer dispatched calls and responds to traffic accidents, emergencies, alarms, disturbances, complaints, disputes, substance abuse, burglaries, juvenile offenses, missing persons, and other calls; provides assistance, issues citations, conducts arrests, and completes incident reports.
  • Enforce local and state laws, ordinances and traffic regulations.
  • Assist motorists, distressed individuals and other persons in need; provides counseling and resource assistance as needed.
  • May serve as a Field Training Officer in instructing and training police recruits in law enforcement duties; explains and interprets applicable laws, policies, and procedures; trains the recruits in community policing; completes field training records and related reports.
  • Counsel coworkers and provides guidance and direction in performing assigned job duties.
  • Perform traffic enforcement duties, to include, conducting safety road checks, using speed detection devices to detect traffic violators, directing traffic, issuing traffic citations, escorting funerals and dignitaries.
  • Conduct initial investigations of traffic accidents, personal and property crimes.
  • Monitor suspicious persons, activities and vehicles in residential and commercial area.
  • Search for, apprehends, and arrests suspects; conducts searches and seizures.
  • Serve subpoenas and warrants.
  • Perform crowd control, traffic direction, and escort service at public events.
  • Review incident reports, prepares case information, and testifies in court.
  • Complete various reports and forms including incident reports, vehicle accident reports and diagrams, witness or victim statements, arrest and booking reports, fingerprint cards, bond forms, juvenile offense forms, and others.
  • Operate and maintain assigned vehicle, radio, uniform and equipment, firearm, and other property in accordance with departmental rules and regulations.
  • Interact with the city residents, the general public, other city employees, various law enforcement agencies, court officials and staff, and others.
  • Transport prisoners to other jail facilities when needed.
  • Attend mandated in-service training and various courses and seminars.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police or his designee
Knowledge of applicable state and local laws and ordinances, knowledge of city policies and procedures, knowledge of department rules, regulations and standard operating procedures in addition to knowledge of law enforcement practices and techniques related to investigation, traffic enforcement and other related areas.
Skill in the proficient use of the tools of law enforcement such as firearms, batons, chemical sprays, handcuffs, speed detection devices, radios and other assigned equipment.  Skill in observation, recall and attention to detail.  Ability to react quickly, calmly, and effectively and to use good judgment in emergency situations.
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing.  Ability to deal courteously and fairly with the public and to handle citizen complaints regarding officers.  Ability to read and comprehend laws, instructions, policies and procedures, regulations and other documents.  Ability to appropriately respond to a variety of interpersonal matters, and to take appropriate action based on the facts, information and circumstances of the situation.  Ability to interact professionally and fairly with the general public, and to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with coworkers, supervisors, and others.
To be eligible to participate in the promotional procedure for Police Sergeant, the applicant must have two years of college, or show a commitment to higher education by the time the appointment is made and have a minimum of three years continuous service in law enforcement. If an internal candidate is identified, the candidate must hold the rank of Corporal prior to the position announcement.  The officer may not be on probationary status.
For purposes of computation of service, all applicants who will have completed the third year of such service on the date on which the written phase of the Sergeant's promotional procedure is given, shall be deemed to have met the length of service requirement.
The participant must be a U.S. Citizen, currently a Georgia POST certified Peace Officer, with a valid driver’s license and good driving record.
The participant must be at least 21 years of age and have no prior convictions by any state or Federal agency of any crime the punishment for which could have been imprisonment in the Federal of State Prison institution; nor have been convicted of sufficient misdemeanors or an act of domestic violence.
The City of Auburn is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Drug Free Workplace

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