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PT Court Security Officer


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The person in this position is a certified law enforcement officer who is assigned to assist in the operation and security of the Municipal Court of the City of Douglasville.  The Court Security Officer’s primary responsibility is court security, to include: protection of the judge, controlling inmates, conducting and providing physical security for the court.  They are assigned and supervised by the Support Services Division.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS                                                                                                                                

  • Conducts a search of the courtroom before and after court for weapons and contraband; locks the doors and turns off lights at end of court;
  • Inspects packages and persons coming into the courtroom in a reasonable manner;
  • Recognizes and handles suspicious packages/persons, using magnetometer, when needed;
  • Announcement of the opening and closing of the Municipal Court;
  • Summons officers and witnesses to testify;
  • Provides general security for all persons attending court;
  • Provides security and safety for the Court; including keeping order in the court and making arrests if necessary;
  • Provides assistance during any emergency situation, including medical, weather, fire, etc.;
  • Maintains custody of and escorts/transfers prisoner(s);
  • Attends to other court-related matters at the judge’s direction or other authorized court staff;
  • Maintains a dignified and professional atmosphere in the courtroom;
  • Operates department vehicle in performance of duties;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


A High School diploma or state-issued GED is required.  A post-secondary degree, diploma, or course work from a recognized institution in criminal justice, business administration, public administration or closely related field is desirable; at least twenty-one (21) years of age; United States citizen.


  • Must be knowledgeable regarding location of all fire extinguishers, first aid kits and evacuation procedures; knowledge of first aid and CPR;
  • Knowledge of applicable federal laws, state laws and city ordinances, especially the criminal and traffic codes; the laws of arrest, search and seizure; the laws regarding civil liability; the rules of evidence; and the laws and regulations regarding peace officers;
  • Knowledge of departmental policies, procedures, directives, rules and regulations;
  • Knowledge of the confidentiality requirements of criminal justice information and criminal history record information;
  • Knowledge of the geography, road network, traffic patterns, crime patterns, public buildings, and emergency facilities of the city;
  • Knowledge of GCIC operating procedures, rules, and regulations, including the GCIC databases and how they interrelate;
  • Knowledge of general police procedures and the criminal justice system;
  • Knowledge of mechanics of arrest and self-defense tactics and procedures;
  • Knowledge of standard American English grammar, punctuation, spelling and basic math;
  • Knowledge of adult human behavior, cultural differences, and socio-economic problems;
  • Ability to handle difficult and emergency situations in an effective, safe, timely and legal manner;
  • Ability to read, speak, write and spell using standard American English to complete accurate basic and comprehensive reports used by the criminal justice community and public;
  • Ability to successfully complete the Department’s training programs;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations;
  • Ability to meet Departmental firearms qualification standards and to possess and/or be in control of a firearm, under state and federal laws;
  • Ability to operate a computer;
  • Ability to maintain P.O.S.T. certification;
  • Ability to use a taser in the performance of duties;
  • Ability to operate City vehicles in the performance of duties and/or to attend training programs;
  • Skill in the proficient use of all police equipment used in the performance of their job, including but not limited to: firearms, radio, impact weapons, chemical weapons, and handcuffs;
  • Skill in performing first aid and CPR techniques;


P.O.S.T. certification in Law Enforcement is required; taser certified or willingness to be certified upon hire is required; valid State of Georgia Driver’s License.


The employee is regularly required to: Have visual acuity in both eyes, normal color vision, good accommodation, and no field deficits; Hear in-person, radio and telephone conversations; Recognize differences or changes in sound patterns, loudness, or pitch; Speak audibly and clearly; identify and distinguish smells of different materials; Sit or stand for prolonged periods; Walk, run, kneel, stoop, crawl and crouch; Make precise and coordinated finger, hand and limb movements; Maintain uniform, controlled hand-arm posture or movement; Push, pull or drag an adult (averaging 160 pounds); Lift and carry boxes of evidence (average 50 pounds); Use force to restrain/subdue others; Work efficiently for long periods of time.


Work is performed in an office setting (Municipal Court) and may require exposure to dangerous and life-threatening situations. Must be willing to carry a firearm on the job; mentally and physically capable of taking the life of another, if justified.

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