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Detention Officer (certified or non-certified)

Meriwether County

Listing Summary

Detention Officer  - Certified

(If  Non-Certified, must be able to pass Basic Jail Certification within 6 months.)

Department: Sheriff’s Office           

Job Summary

Under General Supervision of the shift supervisor, a person in this position ensures security and protects property of the facility, completes the admission process of inmates, prevents escapes, controls behavior of inmates and protects inmates from each other. The incumbent must be diligent in maintaining an inmate count, prompt in dispensing medicine and be able to take personal property of inmates. The incumbent must also adhere to definite procedures established by the department to ensure that the inmate's constitutional rights are observed. A person in this position does not supervise officers.

Duty Assignment: Adult Detention Center

Essential Functions

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Admission: Completes the admission forms of inmates being booked into the jail. Searches incoming inmates and records personal property taken.

Fingerprints and photographs the inmates to establish identification. Determines if medical care is necessary.

Explains to the inmate rules and regulations and prepares the inmate for population.


Personal Care:

Distributes  meals. Dispenses medication. Observes inmate's behavior.

Permits and monitors inmate showers.

Attempts to calm emotionally  distraught  persons. Administers first aid or notifies emergency services if needed.

Maintains a fair and professional attitude with inmates and staff.


Checks cell doors and internal conditions at regular and irregular intervals to assure inmate safety, cleanliness and security.

Checks perimeter fences, doors and grounds.

Conducts random searches of inmates and areas throughout the facility. Conducts counts to assure inmates are accounted for.

Views security monitors.

Responds to emergency situations.

Operates and applies security equipment, restraints, chemical agents, 2-way radios and locking devices.


Enforces rules and regulations.

Maintains records of daily activities, inmate movement, visitation and disciplinary actions against the inmate.

Accepts grievances made by inmates.

Prepares inmates for transportation for court, shipments, etc.

Reviews documents such as warrants, transfers and teletype messages regarding inmates. Reports all incidents or problems to the Shift Supervisor.

  Supervisory Responsibilities:

Monitors inmate behavior and actions. Does not supervise any officers or personnel.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required for Job Performance

Knowledge of department jail procedures, and basic knowledge of the legal basis for the procedures. Knowledge of booking and security procedures.

Skill in recording accurate information of booking forms, etc. Skill in taking and recording fingerprints and photographs.

Skill and ability to remain clam in stressful situations, possibly receiving verbal abuse from inmates and the public.

Ability to physically restrain or call for assistance with violet inmates.

Ability to use sound judgement to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other staff, officials, judges, etc. Ability to maintain a fair and professional attitude with inmates from different cultures.

Ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing.

Capable of using office related equipment, including but not limited to computers, calculators, copiers. etc.

Have skills to interact professionally in dealing with the public, telephone use, and radio traffic. Physical ability to administer First-Aid and CPR.

Eligibility Requirements:

Satisfy all employment requirements of the Meriwether County Sheriff's Office.

The following standards express the minimum background of training and experience desirable as evidence of an applicant's ability to qualify for positions. Other training or experience, if evaluated as equivalent, may qualify the applicant for the position.

Necessary Special Requirements:

High School Diploma or General Education certificate (from an accredited entity). A valid vehicle operator license. Must complete the Basic Jail Certification Course when scheduled within 6 months of employment.



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